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May 22, 2008 03:07 PM

[DFW] Quest for best refried beans in D/FW [DFW]

Quest is simple.....often overlooked part of every typical Tex-Mex, Mex-Mex or even Salva-Mex place in town. Who has the best refried beans and why. Can be either frijoles negros (black beans) or frijoles pintos (pinto beans). So far my front runner is Tipicos on NW Hwy close to Bachman Lake/Love Field as they put a spoonful of bacon fat on the top before putting the plate into the broiler.

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    1. Haven't enjoyed their beans yet but as my Weight Watchers leader says, fat tastes great.

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        Hmmm... sounds like a budding codependence.

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          Of course it tastes great and who doesn't like pork fat?

        2. I don't remember the name of it but take the Sandy Lake exit off 35 and loop under 35. The Taqueria is on the right second place past the signal. Both their re-fried and hole borracho beans are great, not at all healthy but great all the same. We go their frequently for lunch.


          We found the name EL PAISA COCINA MEXICA CARROLLTON TX. One of my coworkers found it on their receipt.

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            El Paisa actually has three other locations: one on 2574 Walnut Hill (I believe their home location), one in a small convenience store just north of Keller's Hamburger on Harry Hines, and the other just at 10091 Harry Hines and NW Hwy (a drive thru). Actually I have had their burritos which are awesome (at the Walnut Hill location). Their chorizo and barbacoa can be on the very greasy side though. Thanks Irodguy for the rec...will add it to the list.

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              I have not had their Chorizo not going for breakfast or their barbacoa being more of an al pastor or Lengua kind of guy. I can say that their flautas are also quite good and a really big bargin at .75 a piece, which comes with a dolop of guac

          2. I've eaten at every Mexican food establishment in town, and I can tell you that, in my opinion, the best refried beans I've had are at The Mecca. They are bacon-y and creamy, with just the right number of whole or mashed pintos in a serving to add texture. They are salted perfectly. Get them with an order of The Mecca's excellent huevos rancheros.

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              Mister F,

              Can you break out by city which places have the best refried beans since you have been to all the Mexican food establishments in the Metroplex. I am in Lewisville and would like to see if your favorite matches my favorite.