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May 22, 2008 02:46 PM

Asian-Style Recipe For Whole Rabbit?

I'm working on a short film that has a dinner scene at its center, and for various reasons the entree must be a whole (intact) rabbit, cooked in some sort of Asian/fusion style.

I've found a lot of great recipes for rabbit stews, roasts, fried rabbit, etc., but nearly all call for the rabbit to be broken down first. I've also found a few recipes for stuffed rabbit (where the body cavity is filled with onions, lemons, bacon, and the like), but most were of an Italian / Southern U.S. origin, and wouldn't fit in with the theme of the film's Asian fusion restaurant setting.

So - does anyone have thoughts on how best to prepare this bunny? I'm imagining it oven-roasted with some sort of soy-based glaze, maybe with hot red peppers and citrus for stuffing/garnish around the platter...

The good news - since it's for a movie, tasting good is not a requirement for this recipe, so feel free to get creative... I know legs and loins cook at different speeds, but it's ok if certain parts are over/underdone, since no one will actually be eating this rabbit... Also, general advice on food styling would be a great help!

Any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. how about cooked like peking duck. served with chinese pancakes, cucumber/scallions, and plum sauce. that's theatrical!

    A soy-sugar sauce to get the rabbit caramelized for good appearances. you can add molasses to aid in the coloring.

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      I don't believe rabbit is fatty enough to prepare a la Peking Duck. There's not enough fat to protect the meat while the duck, or rabbit, air dries.

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        You are right that if you tried preparing rabbit in exactly the same way it would not taste very good for many reasons. But since for this particular instance it is mainly for show, the taste is secondary. The service of Peking duck is theatrical and easily identifiable as "Asian", which I am thinking are the two things the director is looking for. Plus it is suppose to be an Asian fusion restaurant so there is no reason to think that it has to be prepared exactly as you would treat a duck prepared in the traditional manner...just that it is served as you would Peking duck (e.g. with pancakes, and garnishes).

    2. Fuchsia Dunlop has three Sichuan rabbit recipes in her "Land of Plenty" cookbook but all call for cutting the rabbit up. Since visually I am sure you want the viewer to know that it is a rabbit being served up I suggest you go with mielimato's suggestion. Could be quite humerous: Peking Wabbit!

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      2. Nothing looks quite so Asian as something that looks like it has curry powder/paste in it. I've done curried rabbit roasted in the oven. Perhaps you could do something of that order and serve with rice on the side?