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May 22, 2008 02:28 PM

Whole Foods in Stamford ????

Yes or No ??
Read the recent posts about all the set backs and delays and it looked like it would not be built.Then I was told by a broker that all leases and permits are issued and it should be happening soon. Anyone know which is true?

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  1. The builder withdrew its application. The story is still posted on the Advocate online if you search for it.

    Maybe the broker you spoke to is confusing Whole Foods with the nearby CVS construction site.

    1. I have a friend who works for Whole Foods in their NE corporate office in NJ. I emailed him last week to inquire about the status of the new CT stores and he gave me the following info:

      Darien CT - 50,000 sq ft opening date 10/19/2009
      Stamford CT - 60,000 sq ft opening date 6/10/2010
      Fairfield, CT 60,690 sq ft opening date 11/15/2009

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        It was going to be part of a New Refurbished Lord and Taylor's, but protest concerning traffic congestion cause zoning to balk. Whole Foods may want the store, but Zoning isn't going to allow it where they want it and that would be the final say.