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May 22, 2008 01:20 PM

How much alcohol do I need for my wedding??

I am getting married in September and we are having an open bar. I was wondering how much alcohol we would need for a wedding of 120 people?

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  1. I would say this strongly depends on what you are serving and how the crowd drinks. I have been to weddings where easily 10 cases of liquor were consumed, and others of similar size where less than 10 bottles were drunk. It all depends. If you are having an open bar for aperitifs before the party starts and then throughout the entire reception, you will need more than if the bar is only open before dinner. Also, if you plan to serve wine as well as spirits (I assume you do) that needs to be factored in. Your caterer should be able to tell you what you need. If not, I found that the folks at BevMo (if you are near one) are pretty good at estimating this kind of thing. I bought all the alcohol for my wedding there and they nailed the quantities. We only had about 1 case of wine left over (which you can return if you like).

    BTW, congratulations on your impending nuptials.

    1. Congrats! There are plenty of guides out there for this kind of thing. One is below.

      1. depends how much you like the person you are marrying ;)

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          ROTFLOL! Finally! Someone on Chowhound with a sense of humor that actually doesn't get their post yanked by the hall monitors!

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            I thought it was depends on how much you like your in laws. ;)

          2. I am going throught he same thing right now. All of those guides are helpful. Are you also having wine, beer, champagne, signature cocktail to be passed during cocktail hour? All of those will affect how much you will need. Also, what type of drinking crowd do you expect-heavy, moderate, light?

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              Depends on your family/guests. With mine, I could never afford the amount they'd be able to put away. ;)

            2. The original comment has been removed