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May 22, 2008 12:58 PM

Where to buy humanely-raised/organic/anti-biotic-free meat?

I'm lucky enough to belong to a CSA that delivers such meat from a farm in Vermont to my home in Boston. My sister-in-law lives in midtown and wonders if there's anything similar in her area. Or, if not, other shops/markets she could check out? They're both teachers on a budget, so affordable options especially welcome. They have a car and are also in Queens fairly regularly- although with a young baby in tow, an option for home delivery would be best. Thanks for any leads!

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  1. If they are in Queens, then I'd recommend calling up Dines Farms and getting on their mailing list.

    They used to have a stand at the Union Square Greenmarket and are a farm from upstate NY but now Mr. Dines literally sells his product out of the back of his van in Jackson Heights on Saturday mornings. I have been buying from him for the past few months and think his product is great, the flavor is fantastic (no Purdue fake tasting chicken) and well-priced. He has a wide range of options for beef, chicken and pork.

    Failing that, there's now a lot of options at places like Whole Foods to get humanely-raised meats - has she tried there? I think now even more conventional grocery stores like Key Food (a local chain) has options, limited, but has some.

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      Trader Joes on Metropolitan has grass fed beef on a regular basis, for reasonable prices. There other beef is organic, and some is labeled "free range", which I guess means grass fed but with access to grain if they want it...Aaron's Gourmet on Woodhaven Blvd carries grass fed kosher beef, and sometimes bison.

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        where in jackson heights does mr. dines work out of ? and , generally, what are his prices ?

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          1. CSAs. See They can tell you which CSAs have meat and dairy in addition to produce. (Here are two examples: and

          2. Farmers markets, the largest being Union Square in Manhattan and Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn

          3. Certain natural food stores and gourmet shops including Park Slope Coop (you have to become a member to join, but price is generally lower than farmers markets, sometimes much lower)

          4. Certain big grocery stores such as Whole Foods and Fairway


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            Great tips, thanks! I also sent her towards but those sites seems to be just focused on NYC - I have another NYC friend who I'll send towards this thread too. I know there's much more interest these days in eating locally, and the more sites that help people find those options near them, the better! If anyone's got feedback on specific CSAs, I'd love to hear that as well.

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            hey hboogz, i know i should know this but both times we've bought from him, we have to call him the week of and ask since we forget (we've bought from him twice in the last 6 months and usually get a large order so we don't go every week). i'm sorry i can't be more helpful on the location.

            for prices, a pound of ground beef is about $5, boneless chicken breasts are about $6 pound. i don't recall the prices of a whole chicken at the moment. if you call or email mr. dines about a week in advance you can place an order or just show up on Sat mornings and see what he has.

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              Jackson Heights Greenmarket - Dines Farms has a stand there, and the meat is very good. Ground Lamb and chops are favorites; the whole chickens have been consistently good (they have marinated thighs, but I have not tried them); chicken sausage works for easy dinners; later in the season he has beef: excellent rib eye steaks. Friends go nuts for their hot dogs too.
              Open Sundays, 8AM-3PM, June 8 through November 23.
              34th Ave at 77th St, Queens, NY

              Also, Trader Joe's organic ground beef is surprisingly good. The type I've enjoyed comes in a squarish package.

              1. re: Wanda_Gorgonzola

                Hey Wanda,

                I went to the Farmers Market this past Sunday and didn't see Dines Farms ?

                I'm willing to travel to sunnyside if anyone can confirm they have a meat vendor

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                  I am pretty sure there was a meat vendor there on Saturday, but I am not 100%.

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                    I was there too. Sorry; I should have posted. So, I called Dines now and they say that they are low on product. He could not tell me when they'd be at the JH Greenmarket. However, he said that Mr. Dines is at the St. Marks Church Farmspot (Thursday, but he could not tell me the times) and would sell retail (it's a CSA), IF he has anything left.........Not very helpful, I know........

                    Meanwhile, I've been getting a D'Artangan chicken weekly and hitting trader Joe's occasionally for their organic ground beef, which I find surprisingly beefy tasting.

                    1. re: Wanda_Gorgonzola

                      this is going to sound silly, but here goes: Where are you getting the D'Artangan chicken from ? Do you find it strange having meat delivered to you ? What other places could order meats from ?

                      I live on 32nd ave in JH , would they deliver to me ?

                      1. re: hboogz

                        Fairway and Waldbaums both carry D'Artangan chicken, although the latter only seems to have them sporadically. D'Artangan has other great looking stuff on their website, but I don't know if they have a minimum; I don't get meat delivered.

                        Try St. Marks tonight. Maybe you'll get lucky w/ Dines. Ask him for Ground Lamb!

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                          International Meat Market on 30th ave in Astoria always has D'Artangan chickens in stock.

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                    Dines Farms no longer has a stand at the JH Greenmarket. Apparently, the owner is having some issues with the people who run the market. You can find him every Thursday after five at the JH food Coop, at the church at 34th Ave and 81st (I think that is the cross street.) He is planning on setting up shop sometime on the weekend at the fire hydrant at 77thSt. and 34th Ave. However, as far as I know, he hasn't started yet. Your best bet is to email him when and where he plans to be.

                    By the way, the meat is SPECTACULAR. Well worth the pain it is to get it.

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                      Dines also sells at the Cobble Hill CSA Tuesdays at Clinton & Kane

                      But Dines is not 100% grass fed and not organic

              2. Fresh Direct has a pretty solid selection of organic/antibiotic free meat. Unfortunately the only local meat they have is duck from Jurgielewicz duck farm.

                1. She can order on line from this place. They sell through my CSA.


                  1. Ottomanelli's on Bleeker has a nice range of grass-fed meats including large cuts (brisket, pork shoulder, etc).

                    1. We had burgers tonight made from ground beef from Acadian Pastures, pretty good. They sell at Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket

                      There are also vendors at the Union Square Greenmarket

                      Lobels carries organic beef

                      Whole Foods has organic and organic 100% grass fed

                      Fairway, at least in Red Hook carries organic grass fed imported from Australia

                      There are more listing here: