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May 22, 2008 12:57 PM

Shrimp, Tofu and Vegies Stir Fry - what sauce?

What would you saute with? Besides soy sauce or terriyaki - I want to get creative. Maybe red curry paste? in just oil? Help!!!

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  1. A. stir frying is NOT Sauteeing. You wanna be searing that stuff in very high heat.

    crushed garlic, sesame oil, hot chile sesame oil, touch of soy or ponzu, touch of rice wine, chili garlic sauce, few drops of ketchup, lime squeeze, oyster sauce.

    If you have the red curry paste, I'd bhun it first (sautee for 5 ish minutes in oil, then set it aside)

    Then, get in stir fry mode. use your reg oil, then sesame oil, and chile sesame oil, add the veggies/ingredients how you normally would, and toss in the curry paste. Thin it out with lime juice, rice wine and soy or ponzu.

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      very kewl, off to play with this. Thanks. I have all the ingredients ready.

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        Or you can make a saucy-ier curry by thinning the curry paste out with coconut milk and garnishing with thai basil or cilantro.

      2. Thanks, I'll have to keep playing - it was good but my vegies dried out fast cooking on high heat. I made a sauce then added it. It was ok, just not great. I thinned it out with lime juice and some soy milk,, honey (didn't have coconut milk in teh house).

        1. I made this not too long ago and was badgered for a recipe (!?) I made a light sauce with shrimp paste for an extra shrimpy flavour. Also, when I'm more hungry than creative, I use black bean and garlic sauce from a jar - that's always good.