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May 22, 2008 12:45 PM

Open Table - Always a Bad Table

Anyone else notice that you always get the worst table in the house when you use Open Table? And not only for last minute reservations? I love the convenience of Open Table and was using it as my default for resverations, but I started to notice that I ALWAYS got a bad table. I got the absolute WORST table at Estia for a reservation I made weeks in advance. Do restaurants hate Open Table users? If so, why do they participate?

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  1. It's hit or miss for me. I too like the convenience. I've had great seating at a number of restaurants (Osteria, James...)when reserving thu OT, and some not so great at restaurants that I got great seating when using OT. It's the convenience factor for me. Otherwise, I just call up and hope they have openings.

    1. I use Open Table whenever I can, and I can't recall ever feeling I'd gotten a bad table. I prefer OT to the telephone because I have a printed record of the reservation - makes me feel safer.

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        I've never had that problem either.

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          Agreed. I've never had a problem with table location using OT.

        2. I don't work in the restaurant business, but I don't believe it's shown as an OT vs. Phone/In-person reservation being made - OT, from the restaurant side, is used as a tool to maintain reservations, so whatever method is used, it all goes into the same system. Meaning, I don't think the hostess could give you a bad table based on OT/not OT status even if they wanted to.

          That being said, I use OT about 90% of the time when going out to eat, and have never really noticed an issue with a table I'm given - if I don't like a table, I tell them before we sit down, and usually they'll be accomodating (for me, it would be if it's under an a/c vent, next to the bathroom, etc.).

          1. No--I use it regularly and have never had this experience.

            1. I too have never had a problem. In fact with one reservation made a couple of weeks in advance, I called them the day before requesting a special table. I had asked if we could be seated at a table with a view (SF Bay Bridge) & of course they said they couldn't guarantee it. Alas come 8:00 p.m anniversary night, I got my view.