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May 22, 2008 11:59 AM

website for benatti

Or any other place to find a current menu? A small group (5) is planning on going on a Saturday night in June. Should we make reservations?

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  1. The recent Globe review indicated it's a small room, so I'd suggest making a reservation. I haven't seen a menu online, so you might stop by and look at the menu since you have some time.

      1. re: hiddenboston

        Thanks, I did find that online menu but not sure if it's current. I like to start salivating long before I sit down! Oh well, anticipation is half the fun.

        1. re: mtm7654

          I totally agree. I really miss the salivating-foreplay when an online menu is outdated. Not to say I can't be swayed by a non-posted special. It's just really disappointing when posted items are no longer available, or worse, when the online menu is wholly inappropriate to the current season.
          Among restaurants in my usual rotation, Eastern Standard is the worst offender. Have they ever changed the menu they posted on Day One?

      2. Hurry up as the place seems to be for sale

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              1. re: sondrio

                you are correct.. Benatti is for sale already. I live around the corner and have never seen more than 8 people eating there at once and many a night you don't see anyone eating there. (no way they are doing 10k a week in sales) I'm surprised it have survived this long. Price point is just too high for the area.

                1. re: inmanchick

                  Perhaps some of us who love it could convince them to a "big night" like the movie? I'll see if Louis Prima can come...