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May 22, 2008 11:53 AM

Wine Bar on east side of Midtown

I am meeting a friend of mine on the east side of midtown for wine and snacks. She's staying at the Radisson at 48th and Lex. I'm not familiar with that area of town and was hoping that someone could recommend a wine bar or a restaurant with a nice bar where we could have a couple glasses of wine and maybe a salad or small nibbles? TIA!

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  1. Brasserie on 52nd between lex and park. It's an upscale well designed restaurant, but you can go to the bar or backroom and order a drink and some snacks. during happy hour they put out plates of cheese and small pizzas. I'm a fan of their martinis.

    My other suggestion would be Montparnasse and Le Bateu Ivre, both on 51st between 3rd and 2nd ave. The former serves liquor along with wine, the latter has a huge selection of wine (free tastings between 5pm-6pm) but no liquor, it's also a haven of ex-pats from France

    1. It's a shame... there used to be a nice place on East 51st called Divine Bar. It closed about a month ago and it would have been perfect for what you want. You can check out a place called Bateau Ivre, also on 51 between 2nd and 3rd and another place called Montparnasse (same block). The food at both places is pretty average (on a good night), so it's more about wine there. They have a decent selection at both places. Bateau Ivre gets really crowded though, so depending on when you go...

      If you walk by those two places and you don't like them, there are a ton of bars and restaurants in 2nd avenue. One of them is bound to have some okay wine and bar space for you.

      Up a few blocks there's a place called Accademia del Vino or something like that (sorry if I'm butchering the italian). I think it's in the low 60s, which may be farther than you want to walk.

      1. felice wine bar is on 1st @ 64th. might be out of your way. Accademia del Vino is a good choice. there is a bar upstairs & a bar downstairs in the restaurant area. they have high tables in the down bar area.