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May 22, 2008 11:21 AM

First Date in Woodland Hills area

Does anyone have any suggestions for a first date in the Woodland Hills or neighboring regions? I've searched other postings, but haven't found much for this area on this subject.


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  1. Food Type? Ambaince? Price Range?

    Expensive and good, Brandywine.

    Cheap and Delicious
    Woodalnds Pure in Chatsworth

    Good Aemrican Food: kate mantilini

    Close, but pricey with lots of interesting game:
    Saddle Peak Lodge

    Old Fashioned health Food
    Follow Your HEart in Canoga Park

    Romantic patio with new wave health food
    Inn of the Seventh Ray on Topanga Canyon in the Canyon

    This is in a mall?! Fancy and good in the Westfield Topanga on Topanga:
    Amarinta Mexican
    Bistro ka Japanese
    Gyu Kaku

    Asian Fusion verry high end

    A classic Greasy Spoon
    Bobby's Coffee Shop (probably not for dinner)

    1. Hey Paul, my husband proposed to me over a romantic dinner at Le Sanglier on Ventura Blvd. in Tarzana. It was dimly lit, private & romantic. The food was exquisite. I remember we ordered the duck al' Orange, the escargot & the bucket of oysters in a bucket steamed with white wine. For dessert, their Apple tart tatine was as buttery & delicious as the one I make. Woodland Hills is my neighborhood, too, & there is very little in the way of good food around here. It is important that the atmosphere be great for a first date. I,ve never tried it, but there is a resteraunt across the road from the Woodland Hills Library that has a back garden-patio that looks like it might be lovely. The food is just okay, but the ambience at Inn of the 7th Ray up the Road in Topanga has a romantic & exemplary nature & natural ambience.I haven't been to the newer Italien Restaurant in the brick building next to where Stanleys used to be (NOT Maria's!!), but it used to be romantic with fairly good food. There are other places I could recommend for good food, but not romantic in the mind-set of a first date. Good luck!! -JET

      1. Oop, How Could I forget Gorikee on Ventura!

        Woodland Hills has so many cool optios for those in the know.

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          I like Adagio on Ventura Blvd. just West of Fallbrook Ave.

          It's not knock your socks off food, but it is decent and at a decent price. It's a small restaurant with a great cozy atmosphere. They have a very good table side Cesar salad and I love their Oso Bucco.

          The owner is very friendly and attentive (he is always watching over to see that everything is going smoothly). Parking on Ventura Blvd. can be tough depending on what time but there is some additional parking in the rear.

          If you go there you will have a nice quiet enjoyable dinner (they have a full bar and moderately nice wine selection) without breaking the bank.

          Adagio Ristorante
          22841 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91364

          (818) 225-0533

          1. re: LesThePress

            I second the Brandywine. I proposed to my wife there. :)

        2. Sol Y Luna on Ventura in Tarzana has good Mexican food and is way better than the new Mexican at the Topanga Mall - it sucks.
          Roys has great food but is noisy - Also, Panzanella on Ventura in Encino - upscale Italian that is comfortable and delicious.

          1. I guess it depends what kind of first date you are talking about. Are you meeting this person for the first or second time and wanting to get to know them more? Or, are you dating someone you have known for a while and want to impress that person and go the extra step?

            For the former: [moderately priced, not too stuffy, decent noise level so you can get to know each other]
            Gorikee's if the other person likes garlic
            Amaranta for Mexican, and you can wonder around the mall afterwards
            Katsu-ya for sushi in Encino [although it is a bit louder than I would like]
            Little Brother's for good sushi and quiet atmosphere
            La Frite on Ventura for French food is a semi-romantic patio

            For the latter:
            Ruth's Chris for steak lover and high end
            Amaranta would work, and you can make an excuse to do something afterwards if the meal goes well