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May 22, 2008 11:15 AM

Press Panini Studio City

Has anyone been yet? Any standouts or anything to avoid? Thanks.

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  1. not yet. One of my options for this weekend. Got a good reivew in the "Sun", for whatever that's worth. The menu looks good.

    1. Fellow hound JeffW and I went a couple weeks back. We both enjoyed our sandwiches. I think he had one with turkey and bacon. I had chicken parm. Now, it wasn't chicken parm like you might get on the East Coast, being as it is a pressed sandwich, the chicken wasn't breaded, and there are obviously other differences, but it was pretty good. IIRC it had some eggplant in it as well. One thing that we found odd was that every sandwich was priced exactly the same, regardless of ingredients. $9, I think. I expect to return.

      1. Nice guys behind the glass. Good ingredients and tasty . But once again, as an east coast native, I don't understand why it takes 2 guys 15 mins to make 2 sandwiches when there aren't that many customers.