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May 22, 2008 10:03 AM

Manhattan for Sunday Brunch

Any ideas for a nice Sunday brunch place in Manhattan outside of the exorbitant My Most Favorite Food restaurant?

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    1. A good reasonable place is U's on the UES (Lex & 94th St, I think)'s good food, casual atmosphere (but NOT a pizza shop/bagel store) and very reasonably priced. The only thing I'd recommend is calling before you plan on going to make sure they're not having a party/large's not a large restaurant.

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      1. re: sanekosher

        Good suggestion. I actually have been there several times myself. I was looking for a place more downtown but that may turn out to be my only option.

        1. re: stevorino

          Try Avi and Davids. You might like their selection.

      2. I believe Circa on 33 St is open on Sundays.

        1. Blossom Cafe on the Upper West Side has a nice-looking brunch menu, if you're willing to go vegan. The bacon cheeseburger is delicious! There's also a Blossom in Chelsea. Both have certification, but I forget the rabbi's name. Blossom usually advertises in the Jewish Week, so you could find the kosher info there.

          1. Sacred Chow has a brunch, but I've never been so I can't report on how it is. But their food generally is delicious. (Also vegan.)