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May 22, 2008 09:57 AM

Looking for Breakfast

I love breakfast and go out for some most weekends. However, I am looking for variety, so this is where you all come in fellow foodies. I'd appreciate any suggestions.

My usual haunts are:
Cosmo in NDG - love the potatoes
Bistro du Marché at Marché Central
La Maison Kam Fung - for the dim sum


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  1. If you do a brunch search on this board you'll find tons of suggestions for breakfast/brunch. That said, my favourite brunches are at:

    • Réservoir (I would be thrilled if I could eat here every day!)
    • Le Cartet
    • Leméac (excellent smoked salmon)
    • M sur Masson
    • Café Dépanneur

    Other good ones:

    • Byblos
    • Truffert Bistro de Christophe

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    1. re: mainsqueeze

      I second Reservoir. The portions are not too much compared to diner food style places, but the quality of food is good, and there is always some creative and seasonal twist.

      On a dialectically opposite world, there is the Binerie with classic breakfast of eggs, beans. toast, cretons, etc... Lots of food, and it is tasty (though some reports say it used to be much better).

      1. re: emerilcantcook

        I will have to go try out Reservoir. My father-in-law has suggested Binerie to me too.

        Someone recently told me that Senzala has breakfast. Has anyone tried it?

        1. re: culinaryescapade

          You should know that Réservoir isn't open for breakfast. They only open at 11am.

          1. re: SnackHappy

            Yup, and they only offer brunch during the weekends; though I think they recently moved their opening to 10:30. But double check, and don't quote me on this.

          2. re: culinaryescapade

            It has been a while since I ate at Senzala, but the times I ate there the breakfast was very good. In particular, they did this egg dish, where the eggs are cooked in a tomato sauce along with either a mango or an avocado. It was a lovely twist on eggs. The cooked mango was delicious. Others who had the avocado said it was wonderfully rich. But it has been a while since I have eaten there, so you may want to see if anyone else adds to this.

            1. re: moh

              I've had a few great experiences with brunch at Senzala and one bad one. I usually order the dish moh described above, but the last time I went they were out of avocados, so I got it with a mango instead. When it arrived, the mango was no where near ripe. I could barely cut it with my knife. The disappointment was all the more keen because the other times I've been there my meal was so excellent. Despite that experience, I would recommend Senzala, but I wouldn't chance it on the mango again. (They also have a nice patio at their Bernard location.)

              Our go-to for brunch is Le Petit Marche on St-Denis near St-Joseph. Great crepes. Also Los Clasicos on St-Laurent north of Mont-Royal.

      2. If you're willing to trek to Pointe-Claire for a fabulous breakfast, check out:

        Dejeuner Cosmopolitain
        983 boul. St-Jean (corner Brunswick), Pointe-Claire, 514-697-8529

        Go early or late to avoid lineups. Great variety, huge portions, very good value & quality.

        1. I enjoy breakfast at Renoir @Sofitel, definitly more expensive than all the ones you listed, but really good and different than your usual bacon & eggs breakfast

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          1. re: westaust

            Last summer I did have a nice breakfast on the terrace there:
            I chose the “Montreal style” eggs benedict (they had the regular North American standard too on the menu). It turned out to be two absolutely perfectly poached eggs on two generous slices of gravlax salmon (and English muffin slices, of course), with reddish chorzo sauce (instead of hollandaise that was served with the standard eggs benedict) and topped with some very thin, lean crispy back-bacon. There was also on the side a bowl of cute miniature potatoes served as hash browns. It was the best egg-based breakfast I can recall eating in recent memory ($14).

            1. re: Fritzy

              I ordered the same dish today (11 July 2008). It is now $18 and not as good nor as innovative as it was last year. Too bad.

          2. I so rarely post, but felt the need to fall in line behind Reservoir. Great food, decent cafe au lait, and fun ambiance for the earlier hours.

            1. Just around the corner from Resivoir on the Main is Laika, which has some pretty good breakfast stuff, and although I'm not a coffee drinker I have been told it is among the best in the city (but lets not get into THAT debate)
              Also, I have to admit that I am a fan of breakfast at Cafeteria, also on the main just a little south of Prince Arthur. There is a fairly wide choice of things, and its not hugely expensive.
              Finally, I know this doesn't really fit the variety bill, but I love breakfast at Place Milton. Its your standard greasy (read: hang over) breakfast and some days, I just can't get enough.