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Looking for Breakfast

I love breakfast and go out for some most weekends. However, I am looking for variety, so this is where you all come in fellow foodies. I'd appreciate any suggestions.

My usual haunts are:
Cosmo in NDG - love the potatoes
Bistro du Marché at Marché Central
La Maison Kam Fung - for the dim sum


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  1. If you do a brunch search on this board you'll find tons of suggestions for breakfast/brunch. That said, my favourite brunches are at:

    • Réservoir (I would be thrilled if I could eat here every day!)
    • Le Cartet
    • Leméac (excellent smoked salmon)
    • M sur Masson
    • Café Dépanneur

    Other good ones:

    • Byblos
    • Truffert Bistro de Christophe

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    1. re: mainsqueeze

      I second Reservoir. The portions are not too much compared to diner food style places, but the quality of food is good, and there is always some creative and seasonal twist.

      On a dialectically opposite world, there is the Binerie with classic breakfast of eggs, beans. toast, cretons, etc... Lots of food, and it is tasty (though some reports say it used to be much better).

      1. re: emerilcantcook

        I will have to go try out Reservoir. My father-in-law has suggested Binerie to me too.

        Someone recently told me that Senzala has breakfast. Has anyone tried it?

        1. re: culinaryescapade

          You should know that Réservoir isn't open for breakfast. They only open at 11am.

          1. re: SnackHappy

            Yup, and they only offer brunch during the weekends; though I think they recently moved their opening to 10:30. But double check, and don't quote me on this.

          2. re: culinaryescapade

            It has been a while since I ate at Senzala, but the times I ate there the breakfast was very good. In particular, they did this egg dish, where the eggs are cooked in a tomato sauce along with either a mango or an avocado. It was a lovely twist on eggs. The cooked mango was delicious. Others who had the avocado said it was wonderfully rich. But it has been a while since I have eaten there, so you may want to see if anyone else adds to this.

            1. re: moh

              I've had a few great experiences with brunch at Senzala and one bad one. I usually order the dish moh described above, but the last time I went they were out of avocados, so I got it with a mango instead. When it arrived, the mango was no where near ripe. I could barely cut it with my knife. The disappointment was all the more keen because the other times I've been there my meal was so excellent. Despite that experience, I would recommend Senzala, but I wouldn't chance it on the mango again. (They also have a nice patio at their Bernard location.)

              Our go-to for brunch is Le Petit Marche on St-Denis near St-Joseph. Great crepes. Also Los Clasicos on St-Laurent north of Mont-Royal.

      2. If you're willing to trek to Pointe-Claire for a fabulous breakfast, check out:

        Dejeuner Cosmopolitain
        983 boul. St-Jean (corner Brunswick), Pointe-Claire, 514-697-8529

        Go early or late to avoid lineups. Great variety, huge portions, very good value & quality.

        1. I enjoy breakfast at Renoir @Sofitel, definitly more expensive than all the ones you listed, but really good and different than your usual bacon & eggs breakfast

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          1. re: westaust

            Last summer I did have a nice breakfast on the terrace there:
            I chose the “Montreal style” eggs benedict (they had the regular North American standard too on the menu). It turned out to be two absolutely perfectly poached eggs on two generous slices of gravlax salmon (and English muffin slices, of course), with reddish chorzo sauce (instead of hollandaise that was served with the standard eggs benedict) and topped with some very thin, lean crispy back-bacon. There was also on the side a bowl of cute miniature potatoes served as hash browns. It was the best egg-based breakfast I can recall eating in recent memory ($14).

            1. re: Fritzy

              I ordered the same dish today (11 July 2008). It is now $18 and not as good nor as innovative as it was last year. Too bad.

          2. I so rarely post, but felt the need to fall in line behind Reservoir. Great food, decent cafe au lait, and fun ambiance for the earlier hours.

            1. Just around the corner from Resivoir on the Main is Laika, which has some pretty good breakfast stuff, and although I'm not a coffee drinker I have been told it is among the best in the city (but lets not get into THAT debate)
              Also, I have to admit that I am a fan of breakfast at Cafeteria, also on the main just a little south of Prince Arthur. There is a fairly wide choice of things, and its not hugely expensive.
              Finally, I know this doesn't really fit the variety bill, but I love breakfast at Place Milton. Its your standard greasy (read: hang over) breakfast and some days, I just can't get enough.

              1. you should try B&M across from cosmos..
                they have great breakfasts.

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                1. re: jarschef

                  I'd say they're pretty good, but their potatoes are not on a par w/Cosmos. We only tend to go there only when Cosmos is closed or when we can't face the grease. :-) Their "scrambles" with red & green peppers (they have other options too) are yummy and a good deal - cheaper than the omelettes and just as tasty.

                  1. re: jarschef

                    For me, B&M is all about quantity not quality. Yeah, if you order bacon & eggs, they give you this huge plate with lots of bacon (that tasted like it was cooked many hours before serving) & the scrambled eggs seemed watered down. In my opinion, their food is very mediocre but if you like large portions, it's your place.

                  2. I love the "Parisien" breakfast at Toi, Moi et Cafe on Notre dame. Soft boiled eggs with toast fingers to dip in. Mmmmm.

                    1. It's been a while since I've gone there but L'Express used to be great for breakfast. Ouefs sur le plat, toasted baguette and a bowl of café au lait. Wonderful morning light, too.

                      In Old Montreal, Café Santé Veritas has some fine breakfast dishes and excellent coffee, especially when Anth's pulling the shots.

                      In CDN, Librarie Oliveri serves brunch on the weekends, undoubtedly the best in the 'hood. Good seasonal food, passable coffee and a nice, secluded terrace.

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                      1. re: carswell

                        From your memory, was the L'express breakfast expensive?

                        1. re: MickFlanagen

                          Not very expensive, though definitely more than, say, Chez Cora. Am also pretty sure I've only had it on weekdays.

                          Two other places nobody has mentioned: Bouchées gourmandes and Bazaar.


                          1. re: carswell

                            Actually, breakfast at L'Express is surprisingly inexpensive ( I would even say at par with Chez Cora, or less), and it is as close as one might come to a textbook perfect breakfast.

                            Try the Compote Poire Pommes with your toast, or the homemade Cretons. They can't be beat.

                      2. I'm surprised nobody mentioned Café Byblos which serves great iranian type breakfast with home made preserves. Almost next door is Truffert for a more french approach. Can get spotty at times. For a more typical breakfast but tryning to avoid Cora and Eggspectations, there's la Grand-Mère Poule that is usually solid, various locations (Mont-Royal near Fabre, Masson near St-Michel and Beaubien corner of Iberville).

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                        1. re: Campofiorin

                          Byblos was actually mentioned in the first reply above! Agree, it's a yummy brunch spot for sure. Will have to check out Grand-Mère Poule, I've never heard of it. Thanks!

                          1. re: kpzoo

                            Grand-Mere Poule is, as stated by Campofiorin, a solid breakfast place. Nothing is outstandingly original but you will get a yummy filling breakfast for a reasonable price with all the classic choices. I refuse to go to Cora's (due to a bad experience with a rather annoying maple syrup policy), and Grand-mere is a less posh, less "aren't we beautiful people" vibe than Eggspectations. It really is like going to Grandma's for breakfast, it is a very comfortable breakfast place.

                            I also agree with Byblos, a very lovely breakfast/brunch place indeed, and a nice change from regular eggs/bacon/toast.

                        2. I like Garcon! for brunch on the weekend. The English muffins used for their Eggs Benedict are exceptional.

                          1. I've been to La Petite Marche on St-Denis with a few people and they all loved it! They have huge "brunch" breakfasts, as well as smaller ones. My dad, who is somewhat a picky eater, won't stop raving about it.

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                            1. re: naivete

                              Gosh, there are so many good places that haven't been mentioned yet - do no other chowhounders go for breakfast/brunch in Montreal?

                              St Dennis area: Fruit Folies - amazing brunches at the weekend; earlybird specials weekdays
                              Le Toaster: Laurier Est or Roy - both great places
                              Chez Jose on Duluth: great smoothies
                              Bagel Etc. on St Laurent / Marie-Anne: much more than bagels!
                              Cafe El Dorado on Mont-Royal - way better than L'avenue
                              Also tons of places in the gay village - my fave was always Bissous


                              1. re: pyropaul99

                                a bit out of date, Toaster on Roy and Bissous are no more. As far as I know there is still a toaster on Laurier East.

                                1. re: pyropaul99

                                  I believe the Toasteur on Roy hasn't been a Toasteur for a few years, now. As for the one on Laurier East, I'd say it's okay. Maybe not the cleanest place in town.

                                  A lot of people seem to like Fruit Folies, but I find it very run of the mill. I guess the terrasse is nice.

                                  The food at Bagel Etc. isn't the best, but it's good and the decor is great. I prefer it to Beauty's for that type of joint.

                                  And as for La Petite Marche, the food is alright I guess, but the place is a factory. When I've been there, I felt like a calf who's been brought to the feeding pen. The atmosphere is a bit alienating.

                              2. I tried the new brunch at Lola Rosa on Milton today. The mexican omlette was great, eggs, beans, cheese served with corn bread, soda bread, fruit and potatoes. I also sampled the french toast, for which you can choose the bread. I had the vegan sweet potato/cinnamon bread, it was quite good.

                                Marche 27 at Prince Arthur and Clark does some really good breakfasts, but no typical eggs/bacon, but some good egg dishes all the same. Their french toast is amazing.

                                I still have a soft spot for L'Avenue on Mont Royal, although their service still leaves something to be desired.

                                I have to disagree with the earlier nod to Cafeteria. Their potatoes are of the frozen variety and their breakfasts are unoriginal and the service is hit or miss.

                                1. I live in NDG and I too love the potatoes at Cosmos. If you're looking for traditional breakfast, not too expensive, La Belle province on St. Jacques is good. Great Breakfast from French crepes to huge omellettes is Benedicts on Monkland. B&M also has good breaky, but you have to put up with the nasty owners. Thats about it, the rest in this area are all trying to become either something they are not or something they will never be. If you are in the Plateau area around Mont Royal L'Avenue is great and there's always a line up.

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                                  1. re: montrealbelle

                                    I guess it's a matter of opinion but I've tried a few times now & when I think of meals at Benedicts, great is not a word that comes to mind. They were novel maybe 15 years ago in their original location. As for B&M, their selling point has always been quantity over quality.

                                    1. re: RhondaB

                                      The only thing I remember about Benedicts is that they served me the second worst eggs Benedict I've had in my life.

                                  2. Went to Réservoir yesterday,


                                    Got the simple yogurt with a banana compote and crumbled "brownies" and the tuna club sandwich with "tompinambour" fries.

                                    Will probably go back again today, it was so good.

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                                    1. re: Maximilien

                                      Where is Reservoir located? Do they open early enough for breakfast or is it more of a brunch place. Thanks!

                                      1. re: Yummy Stuff

                                        Brasserie Artisinale and Bistro Le Reservoir
                                        9 Duluth East
                                        Montreal, QC H2W 1G7
                                        (514) 849-7779


                                        1. re: Yummy Stuff

                                          9 Duluth E.
                                          They only do weekend brunch, and do not open until 10:30. Worth every penny. It is so good, I think I have almost gone there every weekend (ok, every other) since since discovering it through ... an endless banquet. The best thing is that the menu varies slightly every week, so there is no boredom factor.

                                          I also tried L'Express for a weekday breakfast. The menu is simple and classic, nothing like Reservoir's experimentations, but this is not bad either. My pain dore was very good, and the au lait was the best I've had in town. Companion wasn't that lucky. His two egg and a bacon dish was just OK, and his bacons were undercooked (note to self, ask for crispy next time). But two au laits, one pain dore, one croissant, one "two eggs bacon" type dish came to 21 and change, after tax, before tip. Not bad, and the space was lovely under the morning light.

                                      2. I used to frequent Fruit Folie on St. Denis, just north of Roy.Nothing too fancy but well done and cheap. Especially their Benedict. Alas, they had a change of ownership last year and things have begun to change. The quality has become somewhat less reliable since. I still go from time to time and I would still consider it a good option.

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                                        1. re: The Chemist

                                          I work quite late does anyone know a decent 24 hr breakfast place ?

                                          Please don't tell me about Les Serres Picasso & Werby's.

                                          Thank you.

                                          1. re: satana_666

                                            Sadly decent and 24 hour breakfast don't go hand in hand.
                                            I do know of paolo and Suzane, La Banquise as well as Deli Miami, there may be some other spots but not too many and they tend to be greasy spoons.

                                            1. re: rcaluo

                                              Paolo and Suzanne is so overpriced for a fast food joint. Think La Belle Province but three times more expensive. The food is decent for its genre but not worth paying extra for. I guess they get away with it because it's across a hospital and the neighborhood options are limited.

                                        2. Grille Pain on Roy (near Parc Lafontaine) is sunny, pleasant, cheap and ample.

                                          We also liked Cafe Art Java on Mount Royal, east of St. Denis. Standard fare but well executed-- good if you don't like surprises at breakfast. The Cammioneur (Trucker) breakfast did the trick for me.

                                          I can't speak to Reservoir for brunch, but based on a brutal evening meal I would not attempt.

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                                          1. re: sinjawns

                                            Unfortunately Le Grille Pain is no more :'(
                                            They changed hands and is now called Le Passé Composé. The menu is shortened (I used to love agonizing over what I'd eat). I only tried a basic eggs-bacon-toast breakfast and it was decent. The fruit took up half of the plate and had a lot of variety (pineapple; ground cherries; blueberries among other standards like cantaloupe and grapes).
                                            However I wasn't impressed by the service - a guy sat waiting at a table for over 5 minutes and never got served; the waitress pulled a disappearing act when I wanted my bill; and I had to ASK her to refill my coffee (big no-no on a bleary-eyed early Saturday morning)

                                          2. I don't know if you're still looking. I mentioned "Cafe Bano" in a posting on July 22/09. I believe she opens at 9:00 am for breakfast. They have great crepes, french toast and the usual eggs, toast. She (the owner and cook) will basically try and accomadate what you want. The prices are very reasonable for what you get. The address is 6929 Sherbrooke st.west just west of the Ultramar gas station on Sherbrooke west and Mayfair (I think its Mayfair). I highly recommend this restaurant. The cook/owner is amazing and she makes all her own desserts as well.

                                            1. I know it's out of the way...but there is this new place in Laval called Coco Loco. It's on Cure-Labelle. The breakfasts there are great. The pancakes are light and fluffy...fruit & smoothies are always fresh and in-season. And the decor is pretty funky too...no roosters and farm scenes here!

                                              1. McKiernan's does a slightly upscale brunch on Saturday and Sunday. Enjoyed it very much.

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                                                  1. re: SnackHappy

                                                    Thanks for the correction SnackHappy. McKiernan is not open on Sundays.