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May 22, 2008 09:51 AM

Sunday night "deal"?

The long weekend means that we have a babysitter on Sunday instead of our usual Saturday. Was wondering if folks had suggestions for a Sunday night spot that serves a prix fixe or otherwise "please come into our restaurant on a Sunday night" deal.

For example, I know (and have sampled) the Sunday night special at Rendezvous.

Any others spring to mind?


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  1. The two that i really want to try but haven;t are KO prime for Prime rib and Craigie Street Bistro for Chef's whim.

      1. You may not want to go out to the 'burbs, but Chiara Bistro off of 128 in Westwood has a Sunday-Thursday 3 for $33.00 ($45.00 with wine pairings) that is great value for very good food. I order from the regular menu, but the onion soup, haddock and creme brulee are family favorites. They have an on-line menu at, but I would call ahead if this interests you as they are often full.

        1. I just read somewhere "stuff @ night" maybe? that sage was doing some sort of family-style prix fixe on sunday nights, for $33. I don't know anything about it, but sounds like it could be interesting. Maybe their website has info?

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            I asked a similar question recently and ended up at Sage. See below.

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              I just took a look at their Sunday menu and am not all that impressed. Basically you get lasagna and a salad, with either biscotti or a cannoli, for $28. Doesn't seem that all that special of a deal to me. I'd rather pay a few more bucks and have some more variety at Rendezvous.

          2. Garden at the Cellar, $5 small plates (appetizers) and $10 large plates (entrees).

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            1. re: Gabatta

              This sounds interesting at G@C. Is it an unadvertised special?, as I did not see anything on their website. Is it the entire menu or a special section for Sunday nites.

              1. re: Sugar04

                It is a special menu for Sundays, but generally well represented by some standards off the regular menu.