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Someone HELP!!! (Holkies..sp?)

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This may be a long shot but figure its worth a try..

I remember going to a Polish butcher shop in Manhatten (I think lower east side) with my grandparents about 12 years ago or so. They told me this was one of the last butchers in city that carried Holkies. I THINK this is the correct spelling..from what I recall they were long, sausage like, meat links. Mabye had some rice mixed in as well..?? Does this ring a bell to anyone? I have been dying to find these again...anywhere...but no such luck. Google doesnt turn anything up...can anyone help??? Thanks!

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  1. There IS a polish butcher on first between 8th and 9th or 9th and 10. My hairdresser always feeds me from there. I don't know the name though.