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May 22, 2008 09:40 AM

Any new, non-Indian restos in Southbay?

I belong to a lunch group of working, picky Chowgals who, over the past 4 years, have exhausted the good, known lunch places within a 7-mile radius of our Sunnyvale office. Overall, our favorites have been the Indian mom-and-pop and Indian buffet places, but now our Indian member wants to go non-Indian for a while. Yikes! Is anyone familiar with new non-Indian places we might have missed? TIA!

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  1. The newly opened Fu Lam Mum & Taqueria La Bamba, both on Castro. Not new, just suggestions (unless you've already exhausted these too:-). Rose Market, Shanghai Taste Delight, Tofu House (near Lawrence) & Korea House?

    Fyi...Pampas, a Brazilian resto, just opened on Alma @ Hamilton in Palo Alto.

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    1. re: ceekskat

      Thanks for mentioning Pampas - I had forgotten about it. Any opinions out there? (I just did a CH search and got nothing, while there are 35 entries on Yelp...)

      529 Alma Street, Palo Alto, CA 94301

      1. re: RWCFoodie

        I just went there last week. The meats are delicious, very tender, well-seasoned. The salad bar/side dishes section was pretty boring. Service was excellent. Overall it's a good addition for the south bay. But I have to say it was quite pricey. We each paid about $70/each including tax/tips, but that includes a couple of drinks for each person.

        1. re: KathyM

          Thanks for reporting back. I guess given the location and the price of good meat these days, it's probably priced right at $44/pp. We'll have to give it a try soon...

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        Ooo - I forgot about Fu Lam Mum - thanks, ceekskat!

      3. In Sunnyvale I like Dish Dash - - for Middle Eastern.

        There's also a Singaporean restaurant on the street behind Dish Dash - I can't remember the name though. It's a rather blah looking restaurant, but the food is fantastic. If I can figure out the name then I will post it. We ordered a fish in a pepper sauce that was fantastic.

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          An interesting thing happened at Dish Dash: my 3 companions loved their lunch, while mine was a pathetic plate of watery curry with 4 small, tough pieces of lamb - the 2nd worst lunch I've ever had in Sunnyvale. I guess one has to order carefully. I'll look for that Singaporean place. Thanks, Mari!

          1. re: Claudette

            That's odd since Dishdash, to the best of my knowledge, doesn't serve curry dishes - maybe this was someplace else?


            1. re: mdg

              It was definitely Dishdash, because my friends all raved about it, so I was really looking forward to it, and was therefore greatly disappointed. Perhaps it wasn't curry, but it was a greenish yellow sauce. Quite forgettable, so I'm not sure what it was. Too bad - I really wanted to like it.