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May 22, 2008 08:36 AM

Great road food off I-95

We recently found a great place: good, plentiful food, & cheap! Told them I'd try to spread the word (seemingly only locals were there): Mamie's Cafe, 939 Beards Hill Rd., Aberdeen Md. 21001 tel. 410-273-8999 Call for exact # of exit.

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    1. What kind of food was it and what do you recommend?

      1. Mamie's is fantastic! I haven't spent much time in Aberdeen (yet) but this place is easily my favorite of the bunch so far.

        You gotta try the crabcake/shrimp salad club. It's awwwsome!

        1. I think this thread, b/c of title, should be hijacked to expound upon the title's meaning.

          At 174, going East, there is R&R tacqueria in the Shell station at the first light. North of there a quarter mile is a taco truck on the right. Through that first light, in the mall on the right side is a good Pollo place (Pollo Fuego, IIRC). Almost to BW parkway on the left hand side is an okay pit beef place alongside a produce market.

          West, at Dobbin Road going South from 174, past the first shopping center, there's a blue tinged shopping center on the right, with a tacqueria in the back of a Latino market - bonus is that they make their own tortilla's there.

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            Note that Dennis is talking about Route 175, not 174. Exit 41.

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              The Latino market is Lily's Mexican Market. A great find. They do make the tortillas right there, and they also sell horchata to accompany the tacos.

              You can't see Lily's from Dobbin Road. You turn south on Dobbin from Rte 175, then turn right into the shopping center at the second traffic light. The shopping center has a DMV Express, a used book store, Sushi King and a NASA credit union.