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May 22, 2008 08:32 AM

American Barbeque Restaurant in Mexico City?

This is kind of a wierd question, but I am looking for a restaurant in Mexico City that serves traditional American barbeque, something like Texas style brisket or ribs. Does a place like this exist? Thanks!

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    1. re: Anonimo

      Texas style BBQ? Chili's? OMG...I don't think so

    2. I remember years ago that there was a US-style sports bar in the Zona Rosa. Maybe at a place like that??? Obviously not going to be the best, but desperate times...

      1. I really don't think you will find that.... your best bet is picking up some Costillas at Restaurante Arroyo, bring your own condiments and sides and head out towards El Ajusco for a picnic.

        1. Yeah - I figured it was a long shot.

          I have a client that wants a Texas style barbeque party in a couple of weeks. We can do all of the grilling and sides, but we are lacking a large smoker. I was hoping to rent one, rent space in one or buy some smoked meats for the party.

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          1. re: JulietInDF

            Well in that case I would definitely talk to Restaurante Arroyo... they handle alot of catering & special events. I don't think there are very many people in Mexico that know Texas style Barbecue & Central Mexican Barbacoa are almost the same thing...BBQ is usually thought of as something grilled with a glop of sweet BBQ sauce. If you explain that you want Pecho (Brisket) & Costillar Vacuno instead of Lamb, and that you want it a bit smokier... I think they would know exactly what to do.

              1. re: JulietInDF

                I wanted to give an update on the barbeque situation. Yesterday afternoon I went to Restaurante Arroyo - what a trippy place that is - it's huge!

                They didn't have what I was looking for. They do offer different package options, of barbequed lamb and sides, but the only beef they do is a fillet, and it's super thin.

                They suggested that I go to an Argentinian restaurant.

                So - my plan is to go to a butcher shop in the Condesa that specializes in ribs and Argentinian cuts, they are much thicker than the Mexican norm. Sauces will be done in-house.

                Picked up two carbon grills at Merced for only $500 pesos - great deal. I'm not a big barbequer, so I hired a Uruguayan chef who seems pretty capable. Hopefully this will work, the meat won't be smoked, but with the sauces and some wood chips thrown in the mix it should come pretty close.

                1. re: JulietInDF

                  Sounds like you got a plan... bummer Arroyo wouldn't accomodate (btw... with seating capacity of 2,000+ its the largest restaurant in the world specializing in Mexican dishes).... I would have thought that would be the closest to Texas BBQ. Another option would have been Monterrey style restaurants like Cerro de la Silla.... its not Closed Pit Q like Arroyo... instead its more of an Open Pit / Rotisserie specializing in Kid... they do beef but I have never ordered it.

                  1. re: Eat_Nopal

                    wow - you know all the spots! Seems amazing in a city of 22 million there isn't one American BBQ place - possibly a biz opportunity? ;)

                    1. re: JulietInDF

                      Please let us know how the event turns out, I figure it could go either way (obviously hoping for the the best). With a little mexican creativity, and the quality of ingredients I've experienced you could have a brand new "fusion" food brewing. I mean Uruguayan chef, Mexican ingredients, American BBQ base, frankly I don't see how you can go wrong. Feel free to fed-ex me a sample plate to Canada.
                      Best of Luck

                      1. re: JulietInDF

                        The problem are traditional BBQ sides.... Mexicans don't do well with sweetish Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, BBQ Sauce etc.,... It would probably have to be fusion to suceed commercially. The challenge is then you would have the Angus of the world quickly emulating & competing.... new successful fads seem to get adopted very quickly in DF.