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May 22, 2008 08:31 AM

gray's papaya hotdogs- seeking

Over the course of the last year or so i was able to buy the gray's papaya hotdogs in my supermarket which has since closed. Does anyone know where i can find these awesome hotdogs for the grill this weekend?


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  1. Some claim that the hotdogs sold at Gray's Papaya are the same as those used at Papaya King. If that is true, then those hotdogs are made by Marathon, which is the parent company of Sabrett's. Either way, you probably can find a good assortment of hotdogs at Fairway. Try there first because supposedly they have Papaya King hotdogs.

    Could you tell us if you purchased them pre-packaged or were they sold by the pound?

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    1. Gray's Papaya, Papaya King, and Katz's all use the same recipe all beef dog from Sabrett. I have this on good authority from people who are absolutely in a position to know. I've gone into detail about it in other posts. Gray's and Papaya King use the exact same 10 to a lb natural casing dog. Katz's is slightly bigger, but it's the same recipe. Some supermarkets sell the Sabrett natural casing dog, but it is 8 to a lb and the casing isn't as tight as the smaller 10's. Any Sabrett distributor will sell you the 10's.

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        i do believe ya but i gotta say there is nothing like Gray's Papaya, Papaya King, and Katz's hotdogs....i would have never thought they were sabrett.
        so i should look for 10 hotdogs per package?

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          Not necessarily 10 per package, but 10 per pound. Make sure that they're natural casing Sabrett's. Most found in the supermarkets are 8 to a lb. I'd look for a Sabrett distributor.

      2. I just bought a pack last week at the Brooklyn Fairway. A little late for your Memorial Day bbq, but maybe you can get them in time for July 4th. In fact, today I logged on to Chowhound to find out how Papaya King makes them - and whether I can approximate the method at home.

        They were in a refrigerator case in the fresh poultry area, around the corner from the case with the kosher meat. They say natural casing, hickory smoke flavor added. Sold by weight, $4.99/lb. The pack I got weighs 3/4 lb and has 6 pieces, so 8 pcs/lb sounds right.