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May 22, 2008 08:15 AM

Leslieville for a looong, chatty, casual meal

I'm meeting an old friend for dinner tonight and need a restaurant in the Leslieville-ish area where we can chill, drink a few pints, have some decent food (nothing too radical as he is a wee bit food conservative)..I think most important is feeling like we won't have to rush to help them turn the table. I would prefer some "healthy" menu options as have been consuming vast quantities of fried food lately...budget is flexible. Any ideas?

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  1. I'd say go to Barrio Lounge, decent eats, casual atmosphere, relaxed staff. Has some healthy options (and some damn good fries, if you fall off the health wagon) :)

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    1. re: jeastfull

      I was thinking about Barrio - is it still dirty or have they cleaned up a bit? I used to enjoy the food there but stopped going when it started getting a little bit sketchy in terms of cleanliness...

      1. re: redhead

        I don't remember Barrio being dirty...
        Kubo or Lil Baci are both good.
        What's your definition of "healthy"?

        1. re: hotsauce28

          oh I guess maybe a piece of fish and some veg vs. a big burger and fries..I do love the burger and fries though...Lil Baci is certainly on my short list!

          1. re: redhead

            Have you considered Fare Bistro? It's pretty empty most of the time so they would probably be happy to have you stay awhile. Of course that doesn't say much for the food if it's empty but sometimes it's not always about the food :)

            I meet up with a good friend once a month and we always go to the same spot at Bloor & Bay because it's half way for both of us. She doesn't drink so I don't bother either and they let us sit for hours once our meal is done. The food itself isn't the best but I like that they leave us alone and I am not made to feel bad for not ordering alcohol.

            1. re: millygirl

              If you've been to Lil Baci you will know it has very good, simple Italian fare. One drawback - I don't think they take reservations.
              I have been raving about Weezies - not too far away at King and Power Streets. Very nice room, excellent food and attentive service. A Chowhound favourite, and with good reason.

    2. I would definitely go to Kubo over Lil' Baci. It has much healthier options that you mentioned you were looking for and IMO the food at Lil Baci is nothing to write home about.