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May 22, 2008 07:47 AM

Howz TAD's?

Long time since I've been to a Tad's Steaks...and long time since the last post about them.

How do they compare now compared to the high-priced sawdust-covered steakhouses (I don't expect a Palm, Peter Luger nor Ruth Chris for $14, but I want to stay alive.)?

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  1. Please define sawdust-covered.

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    1. re: jakew8

      Covered with sawdust. Usually the floor. Not the meat.

      Like Longhorn, with the stuff on the floor. Or the cleaner steakhouses with the pretentious look and serve steaks where they try to convince you that a piece of meat is actually worth more than $15. A dead cow is a dead cow.

    2. as steakhouses go, you're much better off at white castle.

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      1. re: david sprague

        Thanks. That's what I'm looking for. A good judge of taste and value. I remember Tad's at the Wisconsin pavillion of the 1964-5 NY World's Fair (with the world's largest piece of cheese) when I believe their steaks went for $1.39...and was more than they got for them on 14th and 42nd Streets in Manhattan. And you got a good piece of meat and garlic bread for not a lot of money. I remember Tad's went downhill during the 1970s and 1980s at the 42nd Street at 5th Avenue

        I'd still appreciate hearing from anyone who recently ate at a Tad's.

        I'll be in Manhattan in about a week and I want to choose between a Tad's at 34th and 7th or Gyro II...both places that I spent a good deal of my growing up during the 70s when the area was covered with Camera Stores! Any help will be appreciated.

        1. re: Potrezebie

          I went to the one on 34th about 2 months ago. 15 bucks for a bunch of gristle/fat with some very very chewy meat attached, a piece of garlic bread and a small salad.

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            Tad's is such a classic New York place, but I've never been, or talked to anyone who's been. Just go, and please report back.

            1. re: Potrezebie

              okay, you want a full assessment? the downhill slide that was already in full effect when i moved here in the early '80s has continued apace. last time i was at a tad's -- the one on 50th st at 7th avenue -- was about four years ago. the steak was completely inedible. singed gristle that defied chewing entirely. the baked potato, on the other hand, was ridiculously undercooked. the garlic-powder bread and salad were enough sustenance that i didn't need to go next door for a comparatively gourmet offering at pizza hut.

              gyro II on the other hand still gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. not the greatest meatstuffs out there, but i am glad it's still there.

              1. re: Potrezebie

                I worked in Penn Station in the 70's, so I can tell you with some degree of quality assurance that Tad's is an inedible shadow of its former moderately edible self while Gyro II is still pretty much what it was. If I was doing a nostalgia exercise, I'd go with a gyro.

                1. re: Striver

                  Tads is Baaaad...Perhaps the worst steak I've ever had. For a few bucks more, you can get the real thing at Buenos Aires in the East Village.