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May 22, 2008 07:09 AM

Grezzo in the North End

Anyone been and have recommendations about what to order/not order? I've never been to a raw food restaurant before--I'm excited to try it, but a little nervous about what to order. I went online to look at a sample menu, and the descriptions all sound like those you would find in a regular nice restaurant, but, for example, I know that vermicelli here isn't actually pasta; it's shredded zucchini. Any suggestions?

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  1. This was my take on it:

    Although some comments recently have addressed some, uh, "explosive" issues.

    I happened to like it quite a bit, personally.

    1. We went there last night and had:

      "pizza" appetizer - zucchini slice topped with hummus, dehydrated tomato, some other stuff I can't remember
      entrees - vegetable lasagna for my friend and "land and sea" for me - consisted of a bunch of different kinds of mushrooms (hedgehog, lobster shrooms and a few others), some seaweeds
      chocolate torte for dessert
      non-alcoholic mojitos (the only alcoholic bevvy they had was organic chardonnay and another organic wine)
      total without tip for the above was ~$85

      It was pretty busy at 6:30 on a Thursday - we had a res for 7, but since we were early we got seated right away. A word of warning a party of 4 had a reservation at 7 but didn't get seated until nearly 8 because a big table that came for the 5 o'clock seating came late due to traffic and then ate really slowly.

      I wouldn't order the mushroom dish again -- too earthy for me. The "pizza" and chocolate torte were quite yummy and the service was excellent. My friend really liked her lasagna, but I didn't really try it.

      Hope that helps!