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May 22, 2008 06:45 AM

City Feed on Centre - when's it opening?

Does anyone know when City Feed on Centre St is scheduled to open? (I'm hoping that, unbeknownst to me, it has opened already and I can stop there on my way home from work tonight...)

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  1. I think you're out of luck for tonight. I believe that I read in the JP Gazette recently that b/c of some permit issue, they're pushed back to an early June opening. We are eagerly awaiting, too.....

    1. we were told mid-june by the staff at the existing city feed. that was a couple weeks ago. the real deal looks like it's open, though.

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        the real deal was open last night (thursday 5/22). maybe a soft opening? didn't see any signs and only a couple of customers.

        1. re: mags02130

          hm, thanks for the update. will have to try them out for lunch when they're in full swing. tho' i did notice that they are hawking "gangster wrappers," which i found to be almost offensively stupid as a marketing concept.

          another update, i was in city feed last night and their fliers say the centre st locale should open in mid- to late-june, which in jp time means sometime in august, in all likelihood. possibly even august 09, if they have the same contractors as el oriental and/or ula cafe did.

          1. re: mags02130

            The Real Deal is definitely open. I was in there yesterday and it was crowded and I spoke to the owner to say, Thanks for coming to JP. Yay!

            1. re: TheScribe

              can you recommend anything in particular at the real deal. we stopped in for a look around last night and i must say, it looked disappointingly "chain-ready" and generic, and very much in the "family-friendly" vein, which was not what i was expecting. the pastries in the pastry case looked pretty negligible.

              still, i've never had anything and would be glad to proved wrong, so any tips would be appreciated...

              1. re: autopi

                I ate at Real Deal over the weekend. Wasn't impressed. Very "chain-ready". Had a Buffalo Wing sub that was dry with little blue cheese dressing. Onions rings and fries were o.k. My partner had a burger which he said was good but they didn't ask how he wanted it cooked so it was at least medium. I will say they are very friendly in there which does count for something these days.

                1. re: autopi

                  I think the signage inside can make you think 'mass-produced', but I assure you that the dishes I've tried have been really good. Try the honey bbq chicken wings. Really moist, really honeyed. I had a sub that had a chicken cutlet in it and, again, the chicken was super-moist and tasty. The pizza by the slice is very good and the portion is enormous. I'm working on trying the rest of the menu...