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May 22, 2008 06:25 AM

Want to make a flatbread/tart - need ideas

I want an appetizer to come before a grilled tenderloin outdoor dinner party.

I'm seeing flatbread w/ fig jam and prosciutto or something with caramelized onions. I have some Pate Brise already in the freezer, so I'm thinking of using that for the base rather than a more pizza-type dough.

I would love to hear recipes, suggestions for toppings, thoughts about prepping in advance, any other ideas you have. Thanks!

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  1. A delicious combo that I first had as a pizza and recently made at home as a quesadilla: Aged gruyere, shitake mushrooms sauteed with fresh thyme, and caramelized onions. Really simple, but awesome!

    1. i gotcha covered. this one is where it's at. it's sort of a quicker version of a pissaladierre from tyler's ultimate. "caramelized onion toasts." you could always use whatever base you want in place of the baguette, of course.