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May 22, 2008 05:54 AM

Kawasaki in Fells Point is not Kawasaki in Fells Point anymore.

Kawasaki in Fells Point is no longer called Kawasaki in Fells point. It's now called something else in Fells Point. The artist formerly known as Kawasaki? Does anyone know the scoop? Has anyone been since the name change? Is it any good?

I was sad to see on the menu that my beloved Chesapeake #1 roll (crab meat rolled in tempura flakes with old bay) was no longer listed on the menu in the window.


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  1. The Kawasaki owners, Tsu Min Yang et al, were required to sell after their ICE event. They chose their brother to sell it to. He was required to change the name, and annouunced it was going to be Dawa. The name changed to yet something else. Along the way, the food degraded to lower than acceptable levels IMHO, like about Asahi level, though the view is still the view. Questions or disputes have been witnessed ending in "the customer is always wrong" type of attitude. I hope this doesn't extend to the new Joss at the old Kawasaki Charles St. location. They were required to sell that too, so they sold it to their sister, the owner of Joss Annapolis. It would be nice to have the quality and attitude of her current operation in effect when Baltimore opens...if ever, as the building looks completely gutted. Anyone have any better info on any of this?

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      A couple of weeks ago, the location on Charles Street still looked gutted, but there were workers doing carpentry, so perhaps the sister and brother in law are getting closer to reopening it under a different name - some variation on Joss. Word is that the ex-con brother will be back working there as a manager, despite the Immigration and Customs Enforcement "event" you refer to. With Minato now moved several more blocks north on Charles, they stand to do a pretty good sushi business in that location, if the quality is even half-way decent.