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Best Birthday Dinner for a foodie couple

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Best Birthday Dinner for a foodie couple:

Birthday Girl Late 20’s, Chef Husband

No real Price Limitations, but something like Per Se is out... Not a big enough Birthday
We enjoy New American, however we are open to ANYTHING

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  1. Little Owl on Leroy and Bedford. Celebrated there last week. Surprisingly inventive food.

      1. Try Apizz. My husband and i went last week. The white pizza was gorgeous - heavy ont he parmagiano, then we had the whole fish (sea bass) which was stuffed with lemons, rosemary and thyme. It was very good. Nice wines. adorable and romantic spot on the lower east side. excellent Italian.. It feels special.

        1. Blue Hill, Dovetail, Anthos.

          1. Either Momofuku Ko with the $50 wine pairing or The Tasting Room, though I'll admit I've not been there since it moved to it's new and bigger location. The tasting menu at Babbo is wonderful, too - I think the key is to stretch yourself by having a meal that offers a range of experiences in one "meal."

            If you're thinking of taking a few people with you, Peking Duck at The Nice Restaurant in Chinatown is also delightful.

            1. zenkichi.....the tasting menu is so good...i still dream about the braised pork belly..

              1. chanterelle still is a wonderful, special place to celebrate and the space screams intimacy, with its impressive, warm decor, great food (smart but not overly-intellectualized) and a solid wine program. atmosphere is uber-romantic, she'll feel like a princess in a fairytale, given the perfectly harmonious, professional service. both birthday girl and cheffie hubby will be happy ever after for sure.

                if chanterelle isn't the answer, don't forget to check out perry street...

                1. Blue Hill, Gramercy Tavern, Asiate