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May 22, 2008 05:46 AM

Best smoked salmon - or trout

I need some smoked salmon or trout for a small party this coming weekend. Preferably in the Jean-Talon Market area or thereabouts, or Plateau/Mile-End, but anywhere in central Montréal is fine. Any recs?

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  1. For smoked salmon:

    For smoked trout, they reply is going to depend partly on what you're looking for. If it's traditional smoked trout -- the ivory-coloured, delicately smoked, dry, flaky fish that many fine cookbooks (Chez Panisse Menu Cookbook, for example) call for -- I've had no luck finding any since the fish monger on Laurier west closed 15 or 20 years ago. (Number of replies to my query about it on that other board back when it was busier than this one: none.) If you mean the orange-coloured, often herbed, marinated and oiled concoction that's made from "truite saumonée" and is what goes for smoked trout in this town, I've not encountered any that's preferable to salmon, not that I've looked very hard.

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    1. re: carswell

      Yes, I'd love the delicate pale smoked trout I've enjoyed in France - never seen one as good here - I never got to that particular fishomonger in Outremont, alas!

      Thanks, carswell! I can easily get to Norref - obviously I can walk to Atkins at JTM in 10 minutes... Do either of the fishmongers on Parc have decent smoked salmon?

      Victoria is a bit far for me, but I'll tell friends in NDG, as they love smoked salmon - and would love to find the delicate smoked trout if anyone finds it.

      1. re: lagatta

        i bought some from atkins last week. i didn't think it was so great. new victoria all the way. it's worth the trip.

        1. re: lagatta

          When it comes to Park Ave. lox, I've only tried the smoked salmon from Nouveau Falero upstairs. Not bad -- certainly light years better than the packaged stuff sold at the nearby bagelries -- but not worth making a special trip for. Noref's salmon has a definite smoky taste and great texture and colour. Atkins, strangely, I've never tried, at least that I recall, though their overall quality is so high I can't believe it wouldn't be good.

          1. re: carswell

            that's the thing about atkins
            it's all about the quality and presentation
            but it's cold and commercial. smoking a salmon requires a very special ingredient: love from an old dirty it in the boonies or on victoria ave. If atkins suddenly started serving smoked meat, you'd say the same.

      2. I believe the best Smoked Fish in Quebec comes from Fumior Charlevoix.They DO NOT sell in Montreal but do make weekly bus shipments to Toque and Latini. They will let you piggy back on there orders.This wont help you this weekend but if you love the stuff there is nobody better.

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        1. re: finefoodie55

          Oh, that looks lovely. The only retail location in Québec City is • Alimentation Raymond Rousseau (Sillery) Tél. : (418) 527-7758 (there is another in a suburb I've never heard of, and I've spent months at a time working in Québec). I'm going to Québec in a couple of weeks - hopefully I'll have time to get there (it is a work trip).

          celfie, for me victoria avenue is the boonies - I know there are a lot of interesting shops there, but it is over that big HILL! Guess it is good exercise... I'll be checking out Norref...

          1. re: lagatta

            Hi Lagatta.

            I went to New Victoria for the first time yesterday to buy smoked salmon, and boy-o-boy, it is terrific. Maybe because I bought 500 gm., the slicer (who I think may have been the owner - didn't ask) gave me a big slice to taste both before and after he finished hand slicing the salmon. Aboslutely fantastic and much cheaper than an equivalent smoked salmon at the fish shop at Atwater Market. (it's $39.70/kg.). If I have one complaint, he sliced it very thick, but I guess that adds to the pleasure of eating it.

            1. re: davyboy

              Hah! Just in from a whirlwind tour of the Victoria-Van Horne nexus, where we also bought some smoked salmon at New Victoria. The free taste comes with every order. And it's always sliced thick. Great stuff.

              We also stopped at Marché Victoria Oriental in a fruitless search for alphonso mangoes ($14.99 a case and, as reported elsewhere, they usually arrive on Thursday and are sold out by Friday), Marché Shavit and, new to me, Marché Kim Hour on the north side of Van Horne just east of Victoria, a small but clean and well-stocked Chinese/South Asian supermarket with a pretty impressive fresh produce department (though, as ever, Marché Victoria had the widest variety of fruits and vegetables you're not going to find in your local Provigo).

              1. re: carswell

                As a small aside, we bought some fresh mangosteen at Marche Kim Hour. We got a big bag, 14 mangosteens for $10.67. These are the freshest, tastiest mangosteen I have had in Montreal, and the price is excellent. I remember the bad old days of paying $5 for a single mangosteen that was much less fresh. YAY! If you go looking for them, they are in the refridgerated section of the store (go in the main doors, turn right into the next section of the store, when you see the produce turn right and look in the cooled section (in amongst soft drinks and such).

              2. re: davyboy

                Guess I must get me arse over the hill, then! You mean that only cost you $20?

                Actually the hill over Van Horne isn't bad...

                I would prefer thinner slices, though.

                1. re: lagatta

                  I usually like my smoked salmon pretty thin too but having tasted New Victoria's a couple of times, the silky, melting texture of their salmon deserves thicker slices.

                  1. re: lagatta

                    You got the price right. I paid $20.64 for 520 gms. of this delicious smoked salmon. I assume from your posts that you either walk or bike to your destinations. If you do take public transportation, the 161 bus will take you right there (get off at the corner of Victoria & Van Horne or even better still, the metro (Cote Vertu) to the Plamondon station (get off at the Van Horne/Victoria exit) will land you a half block away. It's situated between between Linton and Van Horne on the east side.

                    1. re: davyboy

                      thanks for your wonderful directions! Actually I did know how to get to that stretch by public transport; I'm just averse to taking the métro in the warm weather. Forgot that I can take the 161 - a short walk down to Rosemont - in lieu of the métro - an equally short walk up to Castelnau or Jean-Talon. Life is rough, eh?

                      If it isn't TOO warm for the salmon, it would be better for me to cross the little rise on Van Horne by bicycle!

                      In any event, not a great effort to make a party-full of friends happy for a very, very reasonable price!

                      (And cat would enjoy a wee bit)...

            2. I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the Oven Head smoked salmon from the Atwater fish shop. Contrary to other generic products which have 20% salt, this one has 8% and it is double smoked. It is also artisanally made in NB. I like to get the tail pieces because the flavour is more intense. It's I think about $8.50/100grs.