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May 22, 2008 05:25 AM

Best fun restaurant for $50

The budget is $50/person - appetisers, dinner, dessert & wine. Someplace in Boston. Vegetarian-friendly and must take reservations. Hmmmm?

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  1. $50 before or after taxes and gratuities?

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    1. Do people think of Angela's Cafe in East Boston as "fun"? It easily comes in under the budget.

      1. $50 after taxes and gratuities kinda hard especially if ncludes wines...

        1. try mccormick and schmidt's happy hour..

          1. a couple off the top of my head--vee vee, ten tables, la morra, antico forno, trattoria toscana. dunno if any of these are "fun," which i find obscure as applied to restaurants.

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              But that's still next to impossible. That means the meal has to total $40 for 3 courses and a glass of wine? Pretty tough. You're talking something like an app for $8, entree for $17, dessert for $7 and wine for $8. Unless you go to one of the special weeknight deals or to Ten tables. Actually, TT on Wed. may be the answer.

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                I'm thinking you could do this at some of the Latin American places (e.g., Rincon Limeno, maybe Laura or Cesaria?) where you can share the huge portions family-style. But not so vegetarian-friendly. Old-style Italian with big servings?

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                  sorry, i just skimmed the OP, yes for app+entree+dessert+wine for < $50 ten tables will not be possible unless you do the wednesday night thing. la morra has a daily $35 prix fixe, and you could add wine to that and maybe skate out at around $50 p.p..

                  in response to lemiller610, was just at cambridge1 and all they have by way of dessert is toscanini's tiramisu. but lizzy's ice cream is just right next door.