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May 22, 2008 05:17 AM

MSP - Old Fashioned Tortellini

I frequently dine with a friend who has a real thing about old fashioned tortellini. The kind in cream sauce, with ham, peas and mushrooms. We always end up at the Chianti Grill in Roseville. If I have to look at that menu one more time, and suffer through another one of their uninspired dinners, I will scream. Do any of you know other restaurants in the Twin Cities that serve this sort of tortellini? With a reasonably decent menu in addition and food that is thoughtfully prepared? Save me from another meal at the the Chianti Grill, please.

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  1. I've had this dish at Figlio's and been happy with it. Figlio's isn't the best Italian in town, but they have great drinks, and the food is dependable, with a few items being pretty good! I love the sweet potato fries and the flatbread pizzas.

    1. Buca has it. Equally not the best italian in town, but a place with the best italian in town is likely not going to serve this dish.

      1. Broders Pasta Bar ... everything pasta is made from scratch. Go early or late as it gets really busy between 7-9.

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          Embarrassingly I have the menu at Broders memorized (and if I didn't you can find it here: http://www.broders.com/pasta-bar/menu...) and while they do not have the dish the OP is requesting (and actually, nothing really that close to it), they do have the best pasta in town.

          A couple things that may be similar in flavor/texture however are the tagliatelle and the gnocchi with mushrooms and truffle cream.