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May 22, 2008 05:10 AM

middle keys good eats ?

we are going to be in Islamorada for a week. we have a car and don't mind a drive for good food. our concerns are not atmosphere or price. we appreciate freshness and creativity in the kitchen and we would like to avoid tourist traps..your help is apprecated

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  1. I'm from Key West so I don't really get up the Keys to eat very often but I do like one place in Islamorada a lot. Pierre's is a nice (expensive) restaurant w/ very good food. They usually have interesting seafood specials. There is also Morada Bay Cafe in the same area which I've heard is good but never actually been there. Pierre's has some of their menu items online. They're located at MM 81 or so.

    1. Ziggy's, Bentley's, Marker 88 are all in that area and are all very good.....Memorial Day Weekend is a disaster in the Fabulous Florida Keys...and tourists eat at all restaurants as there aren't all that many to choose from....


        1. The Fish House in Key Largo has been a favorite of ours for 15-20 years. Not fancy, Keys funky always great fresh fish. Jean's Greens salad is a fave too. Haven't tried the Fish House Encore Restaurant Sushi Bar & Piano Lounge but would expect the same great food next door.

          The Fish House and Fish House Encore are located at Mile Marker 102.4 on the ocean side. It is just north of the KLI Hardware and just south of T-shirt City.
          The Fish House and The Fish House Encore are both located on the same property just a parking lot away.

          1. "we appreciate freshness and creativity in the kitchen"

            Try Calypso's in Key Largo, MM100, Oceanside. It's right across the harbor from Key Largo Fisheries, so yes, their stuff is fresh. And it doesn't get anymore creative anywhere. Casual, open air dining on the harbor. No credit cards. Service can be spotty to bad sometimes, but the food is the best around.

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              Keysrat...I'm going to try Calypsos....Thanks for the heads up on the service.....That will keep the expectations tempered a bit.....I think this person was asking about restaurants in the Middle Keys....Islamorada....and Key Largo can be a bit of a trip from there if you're tired and hungry after a day on the ocean......