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May 22, 2008 02:54 AM

Bologna: One lunch and dinner

We are travelling with 3 teenagers and pass through Bologna for one night. We have (almost) decided on lunch at Meloncello and dinner at Gigina in Bologna? i really like the sound of the food at both! Has anyone been there recently? Any better suggestions. Thanks

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  1. Meloncello, yes, good choice but not so very central.

    I think Gigina is also not exactly central.

    You can get the home style down to earth Bolognese cooking at Trattoria Tony in Via Augusto Righi, nw only opene in the evenings. The little Mariposa trattoris in Via Bertiera is even more simpler, prices to match and does the same home style real Bolognese food.

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      Thanks carmelita. We will keep Meloncello because i like its proximity to San Luca and it was actually Helen's blog that got me interested in the first place. are you saying Gigina is not worth going out of the way for? I have read such good things about it, Would we need to book at Mariposa or Tony?
      thanks, appreciate your advice!

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      1. we ate at gigina two years ago, food was mediocre and tired..i would not go back, would not recommend

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          thanks for that - will look at the other options...

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            there was a recent enthusastic report as well - I reccomend a search.

        2. Two of us were in Bologna in mid-May. We lunched at Ristorante Grassilli (96 euro)and Trattoria da Gianni (81 euro), both were excellent meals. Grassilli is tiny. It was a Sunday when we went, we arrived quite early, without reservations, and were sitted. Gianni is small, but we got there early - also without.

          For dinners with reservations, we had two at Diana (100 euro & 110 euro). We ate at Trattoria Anna Maria (77 euro), thanks to someone on this board. And, we went to Franco Rossi (130 euro) - a memorable host and a exceptional meal.

          We also had a pizza for one lunch at Il Moro (30 euro), and were impressed enough to go back for a dinner (65 euro).

          Centrally located, we stayed at The Metropolitan on Via dell'Orso, a few steps from the Via dell'Indipendenza, and only around the corner from Diana. Request a room in the rear, quite quiet - the front rooms have late night street noise. It was 940 euro for six nights.

          1. Just back from Bologna --

            I highly recommend Caminetto d’Oro, Via del Falegnami 4, not far from Diana. Also Trattoria Leonida, vicolo Alemagna 2, was great for the traditional pasta - garganelli and garmigna. If your teens like pizza, La Mela was very good and inexpensive -- wood fired ovens. Also seafood dishes. Via de' Fusari 5 just steps away from the Piazza Maggiore.

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              thanks drb, will look into those for sure. i've just noticed that we are actually there on a Monday night which limits us somewhat. Will report back after all is said and done and eaten. Cheers.