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May 22, 2008 01:29 AM

Ideas for using fish stock

I have a couple cups of fish stock in my freezer waiting to be used. Any suggestions? Paella and risotto are some more obvious ideas. Any other new suggestions? Soups, stews, etc? Thanks!

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  1. Base for simple miso soup: add tofu, grated ginger, maybe some napa, maybe some cubed fish; add green onions and miso mixed with some lemon juice at the end.

    1. Chowders? any of the great Italian or French fish stews?my Italian cookbooks are always very casual about adding a couple of cups of fish stock as if it is something everyone has on hand. Then, when living in Italy, I discovered Knorr's fish stock in a tin with a powder base! my Italian pals (who were very good cooks, indeed) told me thats what everyone uses.

      1. A simple, quick, mediochre, yet tasty idear; mix with a can of vegetable soup and a tin of chopped clams for a Manhatten clam chowder.

        1. Cioppino or steamed mussels/clams with garlic and herbs are good options, too.

          1. One of my favorite super easy, quick, dinners is a very versatile shellfish stew. Cook leeks or onions and garlic over moderate heat until they turn golden. Turn up heat and add fish stock, wine, chopped tomatoes and a bit of cayenne and boil for a couple of minutes. Add clams, shrimp, squid, scallops--whatever you want in whatever combination--grind a bit of pepper over it and boil, covered, until the clams open. I sprinkle with chopped chives if I have them.

            If I have any leftovers, which is rare, I boil down the sauce, rewarm the shellfish, and serve it over pasta.