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May 21, 2008 09:49 PM

Funky Chicken @ Edy's Chicken & Steak (Miami Beach)

About a year or more ago a sign went up on a storefront along the 79th Street Causeway, just east of the Food Giant, for "Edy's Chicken & Steak". Then it seemed like nothing happened for several months. Several weeks ago I noticed that, lo and behold, the place seemed to have actually opened up, yet the name still was not exactly luring me in. Chicken? and Steak? Umm, Ok...

Finally curiosity got the best of me and I peeked in and grabbed a menu. Well, this isn't just any "chicken & steak," but it's Peruvian style rotisserie charcoal broiled chicken - and even better, it's "famous from Falls Church, Virginia" according to the menu! After a little checking on another board, I learned that Edy's is indeed reasonably well known in the DC area for its chicken, and even more so for the accompanying green sauce. Of course, I had to try it.

We got a whole chicken with a side of Peruvian potato salad (can also get french fries or yuca), which also came with a couple small green salads, for $16.

The chicken was indeed good stuff - crispy well-seasoned skin, meat was hot but still tender and moist. But indeed the star was the sauce - a spicy green chili sauce (aji) which just really perks up your taste buds. Another white sauce (which the server could only describe to me as "white sauce") was also good, some sort of mayo / aioli type thing. The potato salad was made with some exotic Peruvian potatoes (some with a pink hue to them) but a wee bit bland.

Menu also had a few steaks, a mixed grill w/ chicken, steak, pork chop and chorizo, and several different sandwich options. They also had several cakes in a display case and Peruvian ice creams (incl. lucuma flavored).

The place itself is basically a fast-food joint and doesn't hold much appeal other than that it's clean and well-lit, but I can definitely see the chicken finding a regular spot on our take-out rotation. Next time you have roast chicken on the brain, maybe give it a shot.

Edy's Chicken & Steak
1624 79th St. Causeway
North Bay Village, FL

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  1. Bom Dia Fro'

    That's what I call TAKINGOONEFORTHETEAM! We got as far as the drive out front and - seeing zero patrons - rolled on. Definitely interested in spicy green sauces. Saves us the drive to Falls Church this weekend for Memorial Day Pool Snacks.

    Thanks again for the risk of your intrepid intestinal tract...


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    1. re: advisor_Girl

      I was more than a bit nervous that I was going to get a dried-out old yardbird given the lack of customers, but instead got one fresh off the rotisserie, piping hot yet still plenty moist. And the sauces definitely clinched the deal.

      1. re: Frodnesor


        Plus Yeung's opened in the former Fu Manchu's @ 325 71st St Mid-Beach
        And BBQ Beach @ 12599 Biscayne Blvd, N. Miami

        Bring on the (admittedly budget friendly) Weekend!
        So we splurge at Sardinia's Monday - right?

        Fro' - Seems you like the Police but NOT the Yardbirds? HA!


    2. Interesting, there was one that opened near my office in South Miami, in a spot that used to be Wasabi restaurant. Wasabi went out of business and for about a year the space was empty, the Edys Chicken and Steak openend and before I got a chance to try it, it was gone and once again the space is empty. Perhaps the North Miami location will fare better...

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      1. re: Miami Foodie Girl


        We hit it last night and it's still empty. The rotisserie chicken take out scene is pretty common all over Miami and the Beaches and Edy's is comparable to a place like Chicken Kitchen but the $16 out-the-door price of a whole chicken includes 2 small styrofoam containers of generic iceberg salad and multi-color potato salad (with beets and some other pickled veg). The green chili sauce gives it a good kick (thanks Fro'). The price point is a few dollars higher than the VERY popular CK on 41st Street. Both places chop the chicken into quarters and pack in into styrofoam take out boxes... (environmentalists beware). Food does lose a bit of sizzle steaming inside the foam boxes on the way home. AB believes it acquires a plastic - y taste/smell too.

        The people working at Edy's were lovely and - lonely. They were friendly and helpful and thanked us for our visit as we departed. The restaurant and adjacent ice cream parlour are LARGE. This adds to the sense of emptiness.

        BTW - We stopped in next door at the "indy" market (anything not Publix or Winn D's is indy around here) and the ladies in the bakery were packing up fresh baked baguettes and the store smelled like heaven. We did a little "European" grocery grab and added to our take out chicken with crisp hot bread, wine and cold beer.

        If you are looking for an easy take out dinner and you live in the area, try Edy's and check the bakery next door too. I do not know how long they can make it without the kind of crowds CK draws...


      2. Edy's sounds like a good find! I wish it wasn't out of the way from me so I would go more often... unfortunately I've been hitting Pollo Tropical more than any other chicken place lately (at least the one on Biscayne near 195 seems to dish out better food compared to other PTs out there - soup, balsamic tomato sides, chicken breasts, etc). I'm sure it'll take a lot for my own redemption after admitting this!

        1. Finally stopped by Edy's. Chicken was good. I don't think the potatoes had a pink hue to them from the potatoes themselves, instead I believe there are beets in the salad which bleed into the other ingredients (including some type of sweet potato). Sauce was good and addicting, but I can't get over paying $16 for a chicken and a small potato salad. I thought $8 for a Whole Foods Bell & Evans roast chicken was a lot but it seems like a bargain. Then again, this chicken had much crispier skin and better flavor. The large space was empty. If I lived closer I'd probably go more. Maybe they'd deliver across the causeway?

          1. I don't know how they rate in the MIA, since each location can be quite different, but there are some very badass La Granjas in these parts. Are they decent chicken outlets down there, or a place to avoid?