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May 21, 2008 08:29 PM

Finding Dried Garbanzos? [moved from Home Cooking board]

I've enjoyed making numerous dishes from dried garbanzos/chickpeas over the years. Just in the last 9 months or so, I've not been able to find them in the western suburbs of Chicago. The canned version just doesn't do it for me... I love the fresh, almost nutty flavor and the consistency of the dried (once soaked & cooked, of course) beans.

Any suggestions??

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  1. Rancho Gordo is a bean farmer in California. They've got a great website that allows you to order all the beans you could ever imagine. Check out You'll find the highest quality beans -- they supply many of the top restaurants in California. They've also got a great stall at the Ferry Market in San Francisco, but that's a long way to go for beans if you're in Chicago -- better let UPS do the work for you.

    1. Where in the Western suburbs?

      Michaels Fresh Market on Rt. 59 in Naperville certainly has them. Any Whole Foods should as well, or a Trader Joes I would think. I've seen them at Dominicks. But you should really check out Michaels Fresh Market.