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May 21, 2008 08:23 PM

Where to buy dry-aged prime ribeyes /steaks (other than Lobel's)?

Hi chowhounders,

I want to get some dry-aged steaks for a house dinner this long weekend, and am wondering if anyone has recommnendation on where to go other than Lobel's? Ideally I would like to get dry-aged prime ribeyes, but other dry-aged prime steaks should work well. I think there are a few butcher shops that have dry-aged prime steaks, but I am not sure how the quality measures up. Your advice will be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I like Ottomanelli on Bleecker St. betw, 6th & 7th. But if I know that I want something specific, I will call a couple of days ahead and order it. They're a little expensive, but very cooperative, and they can get you anything at all. I think they're beef is great.
    May I ask why you don't want to use Lobel's? People seem to love them. I should mention that I don't recall every buying meat from Lobel's, so I can't compare.

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      Hi vvvvindaloo,

      Thanks for your note! If Ottomanelli has good dry aged prime steaks, I am for it! Lobel's is far from where I live so I don't want to go there unless I really have to.

      However, my question is really if the butcher shops dry age the steaks properly. I know Whole Foods has dry aged steaks too, but I am a bit skeptical on their quality.

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        You would have to ask the individual butcher shop what their particular process is. Ottomanelli is very good. We got our holiday steaks from there. Their cowboy steak was a major standout.

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          Well, I am definitely not an expert on aging methods, and could not tell you if they are the best at dry aging or not. I can only tell you that I got best rib eye of my life from them. My neighbor, for whom I cooked that night, is still talking about how that was the best steak he's ever had!

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            I would say skip Whole Foods. I bought 2 of their $20/lb dry aged ribeyes recently and wasn't terribly impressed. Actually, the ribeye I get at Costco (for $6.99/lb) is far better. Let us know what you decide and how they turn out, though! We had porterhouses from a butcher shop in our neighborhood last night that were good but I prefer ribeye and would love to know of a great place for them!

        2. Oppenheimer on the UWS has dry-aged prime rib steaks and Porterhouses that are about as good as Lobel's at perhaps 2/3 the cost. There's no need to pre-order.

          1. Chains unfortunately, but Whole Foods and Fairway carries prime dry aged steaks.

            1. Why not Lobel's? Shouldn't one go straight to the top?

              1. Florence Meat Market is very good. I bought a 4-rib roast from them for Christmas and it was incredible. The marbling was out of this world. They age 3 weeks, but might have longer, so you should ask.

                I've had success with Fairway in Harlem. In fact, one of the best steaks I've ever cooked came from there, but it was a porterhouse. Not as marbled as Florence, but really beafy flavor. They age 3 weeks as well.

                Lobel's would be the only place I know which standardly carries beef aged longer than 3 weeks. I think they claim 6 weeks on their porterhouse. FWIW, the only time I've been there I got a giant rib eye and it wasn't that great. But to be honest that might have been more my incompetent cooking than the product itself.