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May 21, 2008 08:23 PM


Going to Perilla Saturday night, first time. Recommendations??

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  1. The menu changes a lot but the spicey duck meatballs are the signature appetizer. They're very good. The steak and duck are both amazing entrees. And if the donuts are still on the dessert menu, definitely get them. Have a good time!

    1. I loved the edamame falafel. As BW212 points out though, the menu is seasonal so the falafel may be gone.

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        I had the edamame falafel about two weeks and it was fabulous. Highly recommended.

      2. I can not get enough of their carpatio and I am not always a fan of it. But really I have loved everything I tried there.

        1. I really enjoyed a meal here a few weeks ago. The server was great, hitting the perfect note between professional and pleasant. The decor and the food hits the same balance, polished yet homey at the same time.

          I had the pork belly which was meltingly flavorful, and the halibut 'cheeks of the day' special which were also super delicious. The fiddlehead ravioli was great with homemade pasta, and the kingfish was perfectly cooked with subtle flavors. My only complaint would be that everything was a tad oversalted to my liking, but others may find it fine. I wouldn't say any of the flavors were mindblowingly original or eye opening, but they were very well executed, like the apotheosis of comfort food. And the prices are surprisingly moderate for the overall experience, a good value.

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            I too found the food a bit oversalted...and i love salt. However the overall experience was wonderful, the food still very enjoyable. i would definitely return and would be quick to recommend it.

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              Glad I'm not the only one with the salt problem. Half the dishes we ate on Friday were too salty, including the edamame falafel. Its unfortunate because those dishes that weren't oversalted were very flavorful, including the duck and the fiddlehead fern ravioli.

          2. I went with a party of 6 last weekend for the first time, and enjoyed everything we had. Let me think - for starters, the cheeks of the day were pork cheeks (i think) served saltimbocca-style, and meltingly delicious. We also had the duck meatballs, which were excellent, great flavor and seasoning, and the soft-shell crab. I love soft shells just about any way they're prepared, so I'm an easy sell, but it was one tasty crab.

            For mains, two of us had the pork, which was pretty straightforward but perfectly done and delicious and a huge portion; two had a oil-poached kingfish dish which was good but my least favorite of the entrees - a bit fishy for my taste - and two had another fish (halibut maybe?). I don't remember, but it was an asian-ish sweet and sour preparation, with some eggplant, and very good. and the desserts were great, my favorites being the donuts and the banana tart.

            i hate reviews like the one i just wrote, because i think they're never critical enough, but i thought the food there was really just very well executed, in a very comfortable space. They don't take too many chances, but everything they did, they did very well.