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May 21, 2008 08:23 PM

New Castle Delaware

While on Route 13 we passed a seafood restaurant I believe near the airport I think it was Michael's. Is this a new restaurant? Has anyone been there? We were thinking of taking a ride over the weekend and wondering if it's worth the ride. I tried to find this restaurant on the yellow pages I couldn't find a listing. Thanks

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  1. Wonder if it is the former Salty Sam's (was it next to the Acura/Hyundai dealership?)? If it is Michael's, it's a mini-chain and probably not worth any drive especially given the price of gas. There's one by the Christiana Hospital too, but never heard a positive thing about the food.

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      We were driving by and I not familiar with the area. I do remember the name Michaeils, seafood and it looked fairly long new building. Thanks for the reply

      1. re: joni730

        Sorry I don't know more...and besides this is not the the weekend to venture down on Rt. 13 with the neverending beach traffic!