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May 21, 2008 06:38 PM

state college at nittany

Attending my daughter's Vball tournament this friday thru monday and we're renting an apt. at nittany near beaver.
First time in State College and we'd like some good cheap eats- ethnic is great healthy grocer is great too. take out, etc.

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  1. Cozy Thai Bistro, East College Avenue, tasty Thai.
    Wegmans supermarket, lots of great eat-in or take-out options, North Atherton to Collonade Way.
    Uncle Chen's takeout only, good cheap wokery, Sowers Street near Beaver.
    Kimchi Korean Restaurant, North Atherton near Cherry Lane.
    Indian Pavilion, Calder Way in downtown.
    Home Delivery Pizza for salads, sandwiches, pizza, and pasta, South Atherton at East Branch Road.
    Faccia Luna for the best wood-fired oven pizzas, sandwiches, homemade pastas, South Atherton just south of Allen Street.

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    1. re: Dan D

      Thanks Dan,
      I'm at Penn Statte now and we are feet away from say sushi , we're on Allen and East Nittany.
      We've gone to say sushi twice- it's good and cheap and easy.
      We're korean-ed out and don't want pub food. We'd like to eat healthy- korean was good to eat healthy. Light food , not too expensive, I guess a better pub would be good and now that I think of it, we may want a big fattening burger fo lunch- early eating is ok. Out of the many pubbish eateries here- what's your fave?Best burger and thick fries?Don't need a jumbo size, just good quality. It's so nice out - can we avoid dark pubs- any light and airy atmosphere's?
      hope you get to this before lunchtime

      1. re: yeshana

        I think The Deli on Hiester makes the best burgers. The service can sometimes be a bit lame, but the burgers are worth it; and, given the nice weather, they have outdoor seating.

        I hear Baby's is popular as well, but can't comment on their burgers.

        Irving's on College Ave. has some pretty tasty lunch sammiches -- I'm partial to their Baja BLT.

        India Pavillion is good, but not exactly healthy eating '-)

        Otto's is a great brewery with some good bar grub, but not exactly airy, and also outside of the downtown area ---

        happy eatings!