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May 21, 2008 05:29 PM

Excellent Service-in East Boston and at Gitlos

I know there has been a lot written about Angela's in East Boston on this board, but having gone today, I just need to add one more voice to the raves. First, the food was delicious. I was particularly taken with the gordita-warm, soft, with a great masa crust; the complex mole and the red pipian sauce made of tomatoes and sesame seeds. But I was also impressed with the kindness of Luis who spent a good deal of time talking to me, allowing me to try the different sauces and giving me personal attention that I haven't experienced too often.

I also had a chance to go to Peaches and Cream/Los Betos in East Boston. Again, the owner/chef spent time introducing me to his specialties. He was incredibly patient. On top of that the grilled chicken was excellent. Incredibly moist and so flavorful. Very,very garlicky (so not for everyone's tastes),but delicious.

The same kindness extended to Betty Ann's Bake Shop in East Boston, where the cook talked to me about his creations. And the donuts were truly worth the drive-and I am not even a donut fan!

Finally, another shout out for Gitlos where the vegetarian steam buns were the object of dreams-soft, full of flavor, full of vegetables, absolutely addictive. Again, the waiter who was on couldn't have been more considerate-I came with my baby and he worked hard to make sure I was comfortable and enjoying the meal. CHers are right-it wasn't fast food, but it was phenomenal.

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  1. Old posts say Peaches and Cream is both sit down and take out. Do they serve dinner? Drinks? That chicken sounds great.

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      Their number is 617-561-6005. They are definately open from 9:30 to 10, but here is what is definitely confusing: the front, Peaches and Cream is a bakery with tables. The back has literally one chair and is called "Pollos a la Brasa Beto's". So I am not clear if you can take out from the back and eat in the front. Alas, I don't see alcohol on the menu. It was easy to park, so take out. But the menu is quite comprehensive, so call and find out if it is in fact, full service...but at the bakery at the front.

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        You can have a sit down meal on the bakery side.

    2. Nice report. How nice to get to places at off-peak times to enjoy the company of good people offering delicious food. Sounds like your baby is off to a chowish start too!

      1. Betty Ann's, that's the name. i went to Angela's recently (also enjoyed it) and searched about an hour for the great old donut shop that made baked beans on weekends. Alas, no one I asked could help, Where is it and what did you get there?

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          I am afraid I don't have the exact address right here, but it is on Bennington (and you can just use Chowhound to get the exit number). I took the Ted Williams tunnel, and then, instead of heading to the airport followed the signs for IA. I got off at "Bennington/Chelsea Street." I went to the left at the end of the exit ramp, under 1A and then made a quick right onto Bennington (away from most of the restaurants, Maverick and Day Square, towards Orient Heights.) It comes up very quickly on the right. It is so hard to find that I had to call and ask as it looks just like someone's house. There is an Italian deli opposite the bakery. I am not sure about baked beans, though they did say they make more on weekends. I got one of each kind of donut and was most taken with the jelly. Not because of the jelly but because the donut was so meltingly tender. The cook said it is because he uses real eggs (as opposed to powdered ones.) It was also still warm! Warning: they are only open until 10:30!