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May 21, 2008 04:56 PM

What to order @ Dim Sum a Go Go

Relatives are coming in from Hong Kong and for some reason want to try dim sum at dsagg. Please don't suggest Flushing or Sunset Park because the request came from the patriarch of the family so we are going there. Have never been there before so which dim sum @ DSAGG would you chowhounds say stands out as especially tasty? I have searched the board and although there are many postings, very few are specific as to what is good there.

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  1. i mean i think the dim sum is fairly standard here in terms of selection, you're not going to get a bunch of new style type stuff like you'd get at like sea harbour in LA. I generally think all the standards are pretty decent like ha gow, siu mai, fung jow, cha siu bao, cheung fan, pai kuat etc. Its been a while, but if i remember right they had a decent selection of dumplings and most of them were pretty decent, sorry i cant be more specific, but last time i was there i thought the dumplings were probably the best thing there

    btw that is a strange request from an HK family haha

    1. I was there this weekend so it's a bit fresher in my mind. All the standards are very good, but I also liked the crab dumplings and duck dumplings. The tripe in black pepper sauce was very good -- not too peppery and not too cloying like they do in some places. If you like sweet things, you'd probably like the pumpkin cakes -- kind of a take on turnip cakes but made with pumpkin (tastes like kabocha squash and flavored with honey). Not my thing because they were a bit too sweet for my taste but perhaps you guys would enjoy it. Beware of some of the prices -- they may be higher than your average dim sum place. We were a bit surprised to have been charged $13 for an order of gai lan.

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        oh yeah, the agree on the duck dumplings...i remember liking those as well

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          Yeah, they gave us three and DH wanted the third one. He's usually very generous about offering me first choice of everything. But he couldn't be chivalrous with the tasty duck dumplings around.

      2. Not the Dim sum. I still can't believe this place is still open, and in chinatown no less.In the 3 or more times I have eaten there, I have noticed that the diners have been young asians, tourist, and assorted midtowners slumming. not a good sign. But I hope against hope only to be dissapointed.

        1. I second the duck dumplings. A favorite is the pepper sauce veal chop - little tender pieces of veal on the bone. On the menu there's a dish I find to be the perfect for summer (not that we're having any in NY right now - a cucumber with glass noodles and sesame. Very light and refreshing.

          1. duck dumplings
            mushroom dumplings
            snow pea leaf dumplings
            actually any/all vegetable dumplings
            dumpling soup with shark fin
            char sui bao
            go go hamburgers in steamed buns

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              Personally, I don't like the hamburgers in steamed buns. But you guys may want to try it as it's not a typical dim sum menu item. It's basically those dim dum beef meatballs in patty form fried and served on a Chinese steamed bun.