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May 21, 2008 04:49 PM

Hollywood Breakfasts and other Favorites

Visiting Hollywood in a couple of weeks. Was born and raised there but haven't been back in quite awhile. My musts have always been Sonny's, Moes, Tarks, Ricky's, Flickerlight, Sage for bagels, Doris' market for their smell and the Rascal House, Wolfies or Pumpernicks for breakfast. Most of my favorites are still there - their longevity speaks of their appeal. I remember when Flickerlight opened, Moes on Harrison street, Royal Castle for a nickle on Tyler street, and Le Tub as a gas station.

I understand my favorite breakfast places are long gone so where do you go for good corned beef hash and eggs? Does anywhere still serve a nice basket of goodies with breakfast? Any good breakfast places with an ocean view? My favorite way to start the day is a newspaper, good coffee, and a great jewish-style breakfast. So where do you go?

I always bring home Sage bagels and salt sticks and ruggalach from a place on Sterling Rd. and - believe it or not, rye bread from Publix. These are things I can't get in central PA. But is there a good bakery in the Hollywood area for danish and cakes while there?

Where are the "new" must go to's? I like the beach area and spend most of my time there. Nothing fancy - I may pack a pair of jeans but probably just shorts and flip flops so very casual.

Thanks for any input,

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  1. I grew up in Plantation but my family lives in Hollywood now. I go back 2-3 times a year( I live in SW Ontario). I always bring back bagels from The Sage. We usually end up eating there for brekkie a few times during the week. Rascal House( where I went as a child) is gone, I believe it closed in April. If you want a fancy breakfast with an ocean view, check out the many hotels on Ft. Laud beach. I've had a good buffet at The Marriot( years ago).

    If you dont mind driving a bit, there is a FANTASTIC Jewish Bakery in Sunrise/Lauderhill. Its called Family Bakery and its on 44th street( in a strip mall with another Doris's). You pass Oakland Park on University and then turn left on 44th street. I was there in March and spent 35$ bring stuff back. I brought back mini black and whites, onion boards, onion rolls, rye bread, pumpernickle bread, fabulous corn muffins, hamantashen, etc, etc. Its a great bakery!! Although the bagels suck!!

    I can't really offer much help for breakfast as we usually stick to The Sage. My sister really likes FlashBack Diner, but I wasnt that impressed.

    For dinner I like Mama Mia's and the new Saratoga is fantastic( expensive though). Check out He does a lot of restaurant reviews in that area.

    1. Hollywood breakfast- Sage for bagels in Hallandale Beach
      Sugar reef- on the broadwalk
      Giorgio's bakery- on the intracoastal
      Coral Rose- on the circle in downtown

      Other Hollywood notables are Lola's on Harrison, Fulvio's, Le Tub (burgers), Flicker Light (deep dish pizza), Tark's (actually Dania), Goyo el Pollo (ceviche)

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        Agree with all the above recs by the Chowfather and would add Pancho's Backyard on Dania Beach Blvd. for delicious and great priced Cuban/Mexican.
        By the way, Chowfather, have you tried the ceviche at Pancho's yet?

          1. re: pilches

            I'll assume Pancho's has a good cuban sandwich? Can't get those here.

            1. re: joeysmom220

              No, go to Padrino's on Hallandale beach blvd (east of Sage)

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              Isn't Pancho's on Sheridan? We have only eaten there once but if where i am thinking, it is on Sheridan instead of Dania Blvd.

          2. Thanks for the replys.
            I guess the only Jewish deli type place for breakfast will be Sage. Hopefully I'll get into Sunrise and try Family bakery. Sugar Reef also sounds good.
            Some of the places on Hollywood circle sound interesting - will have to try a couple. Will also have to get a cuban one afternoon. Is there a good cuban bakery in Hollywood or is Sedenos good enough?
            What is all the hype about le tub? Went there before it became "famous" and thought it was awful except for the atmosphere - most of the locals I know stay far away - most reviews are not good.
            Again - thanks

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              We have only eaten there once, we tried to eat there another time before that and were told hr and half wait. The time we got in was an hr wait and very rude employees, waiter was nice, normal but guys in Kitchen left alot to be desired. My Husband's burger was done but everyone else in our area of tables, including mine, were raw inside. And we waited an hr for that. Nice view, other than that, not worth the grief. From what i understand they are not happy about all the notoriety. They liked it before all the hype.

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                Have you ever been to Fuddruckers? I used to go to the one in Sunrise, before it closed. There is a new one in Pembroke Pines. I think its good for families, they have a huge selection of different burgers/sizes. You can also get turkey, veggie and chicken sandwiches. They have a huge condiment bar too.

              2. Oh for Cuban, I like Las Vegas Cuban Cuisine( there is on in Hollywood). They have great lunch specials.

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                  let me be the one to give this authentic 25 year old family run business a A PLUS grade for there quick to please atmosphere and incredible churrasco skirt steak daily special. This is one of those restaurants that make you wonder.......... WHY CANT THEY ALL BE THIS WAY. IF THIS IS WHAT CUBA HA TO OFFER THAN I CAN WAIT TO BE ON A PLANE TO EXPERIENCE THERE WHAT LAS VEGAS BROUGHT HERE!!!!!!!!!! THANKS LAS VEGAS.