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May 21, 2008 04:47 PM

Veggie Options near Santa Monica - tonight?

Sorry to impose on you guys for this hard last minute request
But I'm supposed to pick a place for dinner for a difficult group tonight and here are my restrictions:
1) Some of them are vegetarians
2) One of them is a meat-eater! So I need both options and all pure-vegan places are out :(
3) One of them does not want Japanese or Thai ... She's asking for Chinese
4) One does not want Ethiopian or Moroccan
5) They will be in Santa Monica and refuses to drive too far.

So what am I to do ?? So far I've come up with Typhoon ... but what do you guys think?
Any better options for me? Is there a good Chinese place in Santa Monica?


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  1. there is hop li on smb in west la.

    1. 17 St. Cafe on Montana.

      1. It's not the greatest Chinese food ever, but Buddha's Belly might work for you.

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        1. re: cookie monster

          second the Buddha's Belly idea
          it's pan-asian, but doesn't it lean more towards Japanese

          1. re: suicidemartini

            Thx for the suggestions guys! After all that they decided they want NO asian after all and wanted mexican. *sigh*
            We went to La Serenata on Pico ... It wasn't bad ...