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May 21, 2008 04:39 PM

Seasons 52 in Boca...anyone been?

We're doing a grandparent visit this weekend and my parents made dinner reservations at Seasons 52. I am looking for some feedback. On one hand, I've read some positive comments but when I found out they were owned by the same people as Olive Garden (a place my family would rather go hungry than eat in), I became very skeptical. Thanks....

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  1. I have been to the one in West Palm. Indeed a chain, *cringing here* but my husband and I ate there and it was not a bad experience. They represent their food as healthy. We didn't find anything to complain about. I think you will be fine.

    1. Naturally I usually avoid chains but this place is pretty nice. Yes, part of the Darden group (Bahama Breeze, Smokey Bones, OG). It's quite gorgeous inside with a hip feel - but not so hip to make anyone uncomfortable. Boca medium-upscale healthy hip, I'll call it.

      If you're going Friday or Saturday night expect huge crowds - it's very popular. So there may be a wait even with reservations. I'm sure you can check out the menu online and that will probably whet your appetite.

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        We just had dinner there this evening....not bad for a chain. Salmon came with lots of veggies, and the scallops were done just right with israeli cuscus. We had a flat bread first which was OK, and the deserts were small but quite good. This is not gourmet dining, but it certainly is healthy and tasty. It was jam packed at 6:00 when we met our 95 year old host for dinner. It was mostly senior citizens at that hour.

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          Yes, when I went we also had a flatbread at the bar when we were waiting for a table. Seems to be a popular decision. Not a coincidence, I'm sure.

      2. we've been to the one in boca. not recently, but last year. we had a very nice dinner there. everything was prepared nicely and tasted good - better than your average chain. of course, the prices are better than your average chain :). i can't remember what we had, but we were happy when we left. i do remember that the teeny weeny desserts were very good! i also remember that i had a problem with reservationist and i was so annoyed that i called headquarters up in orlando - who had the manager present us with a free bottle of wine!

        1. Even though it is a chain, it doesn't feel like it. It is a HUGE step up from Olive Garden! They aim to be healthy, with every item containing 475 calories or less. The food tastes great too. Definitely get one of their flatbreads for the table and one of the "mini indulgences", these mini desserts are just enough for your sweet tooth.

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            Seasons 52 is a chain owned by Darden, but it is entirely different than the company's other concepts. Its food is chef-prepared, and its atmosphere is fabulous--upscale casual, Frank Lloyd Wrightish. The wine list is amazing, with tons offered by the glass. There are two here in Orlando, and they are among the area's most popular restaurants--with foodies as well as with regular folks. The "chain" is only 6 or 8 restaurants at this point, so every unit is getting sincere attention from the corporate chef. As for the healthy thing: All the meals are low-cal and low-fat, so it's guilt-free eating, but that's not the reason you go there; you go there because the food tastes good and the atmosphere is nice.

          2. DH and I went there for lunch last week for the very first time. we started of with 2 flatbreads. I had the Tomato one which was good and DH had the Shrimp Chipotle one. It was a little sweet but ok. After ordered the small greek salad, which was just mainly lettuce with a vinaigrette, DH ordered the Asiago Chicken salad which was nice, the Asiago crisps were very tasty! The service wasn't very good, it was very quiet when we went but had to wait (were told 20 minutes?! on a monday at 2:00) 10 minutes for our table. and our waitress had the personality of a doorknob.... no refills of drinks, a lot of staff standing around etc...
            Again food was decent but service was definitely slacking...

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              Thanks everyone for your comments. One last thing: what is the dress code? Is it bluejeans or somewhat more dressy?