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sichuan peppercorns?

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Anyone know where I can find some? Need them for a recipe....I'm in the Chelsea area.....Thanks!

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    1. re: MMRuth

      thanks so much! i did look in a few places in chinatown, but couldn't find them--and couldn't seem to explain to the shop owners what i was after. i will check out kam man.

    2. I just get them down the street at Fairway.

      1. I normally buy them in Chinatown (as MMRuth pointed out, Kam Man on Canal St. definitely carries them), but Kalustyans on Lexington Ave (betw. E. 28th & 29th Sts.) carries them, as well, if you don't feel like schlepping downtown.

        1. Penzey's in Grand Central will carry them.

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          1. re: panoz

            thanks, that's where i ended up finding them

          2. You can also get them at Dean and DeLuca's.

            1. In her classic book on Sichuan cooking, Fuchsia Dunlop says that the quality of those available in various Chinatown stores is very poor. She suggests ordering by mail and gives a few addresses....one of these, however, is now closed. (CMC company)

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                I adamantly disagree. I bought a small packet at the place on the corner a couple doorways up from Saigon Banh Mi. It's fresh, fragrant, potent stuff.

                1. re: rose water

                  What can I tell you? In her more recent book she also talks about traveling to the village where they grow and being sold an inferior product....apparently her standards are higher than most of ours!

                  1. re: erica

                    No need to disagree, erica, rose water, and fuchsia dunlop could all be simultaneiously correct about the freshness: it is in the nature of "stale" things that they can be fresh when they arrive, and get stale as they sit.

                    A merchant could even have stale and fresh at the same time, foisting the stale on the unsuspecting while favoring good customers, though I'm sure that nothing like that would take place in NYC, especially not in hardscrabble markets run by immigrants!

              2. Penzey's has them. Not sure where they are in the city. But they are on line

                1. for this and all spices

                  kalustyan's in curry hill