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May 21, 2008 04:05 PM

Asko Dishwashers

We're struggling to nail down what brands and models of major appliances to use for our kitchen reno. We're not concerned about matching brands we just want quality appliances without breaking the bank. We had thought that an Asko dishwasher was a good choice in that it compares pretty equally to Bosch in features and price but comes with the added bonus of a 3 year warranty.

I made comment of this on Candy's board "Who has bought a new dishwasher lately? " and mlgb May 21, 2008 06:58AM replied "They're kind of notorious for bad electrical components. There might be a reason for that 3-year warranty."

Does anyone else have anything good, bad or indifferent to say about Asko Dishwashers.
I would like to hear comments. Thanks

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  1. They seem to wax and wane in popularity. I think that a few years back they did a crazy thing on their top three or four models where the units were EXACTLT alike except for the final control panels, literally by ordering a the least expensive and then replacing the control pad you got all the features for hundred less. Pissed off dealers and customers alike. They seem to use quality components, but if the price is more than a couple of hundred more than a Bosch then that seems a waste.
    Bosch makes nice units and lots of 'em, maybe not the low price Chevies of DW or the exotic Maserati like Asko, but a pretty solid Honda...

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      We've had the Asko D3251 since January and love it. The Litttle Woman chose it over the Miele due to its superior top tray design. Super quiet, many wash options---no problems thus far. We made one call to the company concerning a design feature and they answered on the first ring. Cost about the same as the Miele, we never considered the Bosch.

    2. My nephew has one--it does the job but there's nothing special about it. IMO Miele makes the best DWs. Period. Expensive, superquiet, impeccably clean, sparkling dishes, best interior design...the 3rd rack for flatware is genius & a Miele innovation. Almost never need service but if they do, service is topnotch. They arrive when they say they will & they fix the problem the FIRST time. I had my first one for almost 25 years & when it came time to replace it, I didn't hesitate to replace it with another Miele.

      1. I've had my Asko for 13 years - gosh, I can't believe it's been that long! In writing this reply, I was guessing I'd had it for about 5-6 years ago and went and pulled my kitchen renovation file - from 1995! I guess that tells you something right there.

        We've had one repair on the dishwasher, about 2 years ago. It was leaking small amount water at the bottom. Technician told me, with time, some things wear out. Repair was about $100.

        We've been very, very impressed by the quiteness and speed of gentle wash cycle.

        It has a filter at bottom and has to be cleaned about every 4-6 months. It's a bit difficult to reach but we always manage. Takes about 5-10 minutes to take apart, clean, and put back together.

        I periodically have problems with some items not becoming clean in dishwasher, meaning maybe 1 out of every 30 washes. I don't think it's the dishwasher, but something about the way I've loaded it....I just can't figure out the reason.

        1. When we remodeled our kitchen in Alameda we chose an Asko dishwasher. When we moved it had been there 8 1/2 years and had never been touched by a repairman. It was very quiet, cleaned extremely well and, as stated, was totally problem free. When we built our new home here that was the first appliance I ordered.

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            We have to decide on all the appliances this week so that we can get the custom cabinet guys going on construction. None one has posted any real negative comments which makes me feel more sure that an Asko should be a good choice. Thank you everyone

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              Except for that darn bursting into flames problem. Presumably they've corrected that particular issue.

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                Except for that darn bursting into flames problem
                Do you own an Asko?

          2. We've had the Asko D3251 since January and love it. The Little Woman chose it over the Miele because of its top tray design. Super quiet, lot of wash options--no problems thus far. We made one call to the company regarding a design feature and they answered on the first ring. Cost about the same as the Miele. We never considered Bosch.