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May 21, 2008 04:04 PM

24 hours to order, Range, Dishwasher, microwave- Need a few opinions- LOOK!

Hi first post!

I have a few questions:

Looking to replace a few items in a house we recently purchased. ALL ITEMS purchased MUST be from ones listed, as we get a small discount from a family member

1: RANGE: Can I put a slide in, in place of a free standing

2: Range: Is Dual Fuel the way to go, I have Gas Gas now

3: Range: I'm looking at Jenn-Air Dual Fuel, Non Downdraft, probably slide in (see question 1) vrs top kitchen aid models-- Does anyone love/hate their Jenn Air products, expecially model #s JDR8880RD, Kitchen Aid KDSS907SSS, Jenn Air JDS8850BDS
Free Standing Jenn Air JDR8880RDS

4: Dishwasher: I'm looking at the Kitchen Aid KUD03FTSS but the Jenn Air JDB1250AWS looks quite nice and less expensive.

5: Microwaves: Not looking for convection so I'm set on a std Microwave unit to match the Range- Any thing to look for

6: Ranges: Do I need any additional wiring going from Gas Gas to Dual Fuel?? - Silly question I know

Thanks a TON in advance

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  1. With your deadline, you might want to search for appliance information. You'll likely be up most of the night reading posts but might find some help with your decision. My grandmother had a saying, "buy in haste, repent at leisure". Your must-decide-in-the-nest-24-hours dilemma scares me.

    1. I'm with Sheri. Do more research. JennAir & KitchenAid are all part of the Whirlpool family now. Not too many differences, like comparing Buick to Pontiac...

      Generally a dual fuel range is going to be hardwired 220, just like an electric oven. The circuit is generally easy to add to most houses, but it is extra.

      A slide range has the same width requirements as a freestanding range, but the cabinet maker needs to have at least the toe kick and filler, as well as proper trim on the counter. You don't just spring these things on your contractor...

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      1. re: renov8r

        Thanks so far, I'm not rushing for a contractor, I have sold my old appliances (in one day) and I'll be without until the new stuff arrives, about 7 days so I need to get something coming.
        I'm removig the units tonight, I'll check on the 220
        I can't think that the slide in wouldn't work, Whirlpool makes a filler for the back to cover up the extra space left from the freestanding.

      2. You will be without your appliances for a lot longer than 7 days if you make the wrong decision. Search for each brand you are considering by typing in "Problems with...". There is a lot of conflicting information out there as to whether people love or hate their appliances, mostly based on how good or bad the customer service is. Personally, I would avoid anything from Thermador.

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        1. re: NJcook

          You will be without your appliances for a lot longer than 7 days if you make the wrong decision.
          Absolutely agree 100%! Take your time. Buy a microwave and a toaster oven if you need to tide yourself over but making hasty choices will very likely lead to dissapointment.

          1. re: Docsknotinn

            OK The Appliances are purchased.
            Its so hard to search online, because there are LOTS of negitives that show.
            I ended up getting a slide in Jenn-Air (Gas/Gas) 30" Pro Series (no down draft) convection
            Dishwasher was also Jenn-Air Pro Series 4000 noise blocker (44.5db)
            Microwave is a std Jenn-Air over the range non convection.

            We have two kids and another on the way, we will be most excited to get an ultra nice dishwasher