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May 21, 2008 03:47 PM

Update on former Taste location in Belvedere Square

Here's what Elizabeth Large of the Baltimore Sun has to say:

"If all goes according to plan, sometime soon Daniel Chaustit, a former chef/owner of Christopher Daniel in Cockeysville, will be the new owner of Taste in Belvedere Square. Or rather, of the space where Taste was. When the restaurant reopens - with good luck, sometime in mid- to late July - it will have a new name and a new identity.

Claustit, who split amicably with his partner, Chris Ellis (the Christopher in Christopher Daniel), says the food will be modern American and the restaurant will be "more of a neighborhood place." Nothing, however, is set in stone yet."

Sounds promising!

Here's the link:

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  1. Thanks for the update, ronandaim!

    I went to the Christopher Daniel a few times when they first opened (presumably when both Chris and Daniel were still running the place). It was overall a good meal: good execution and solid, though not necessarily inventive, tastes. I remember a plate of really delicious scallops as well as a solid steak; although I also recall a very empty plating style (large white plates, food centered in the middle with little garnishes made the plate seem very lacking). The setting was/is a bit unusual: ''higher classed' and higher priced food but a distinctly "golf-attired" crowd. Quite the opposite compared to the similarly priced Blue Stone in the same area.

    I think this new venture has a lot of potential. The CD food could also be described as 'modern American'. If Daniel Chaustit brings a solid menu and "neighborhood place" prices, the restaurant could really outshine the old Taste (which, let's be honest, had its serious inconsistencies).

    1. I agree -- very promising. I work just up the street from Christopher Daniel, and have had many business dinners there -- and also organized a couple of wine tasting dinners there. Both Christopher and Daniel are outstanding chefs, and actually they're very inventive as well. Their menu had to satisfy local diners who wanted the standard crabcake and steak fare, but their specials and more unusual combinations were always right on the money. I was worried when Daniel left, but Christopher seems to be holding his own and the quality is still great. Glad to hear Daniel has landed on his feet -- we'll keep our fingers crossed...

      1. Has anyone heard anything more about what's going on with this? I'd love to know when something is going in over there. We go to Belvedere square on many Friday nights for the music. I miss just being able to walk over for a bite and more music after. I've looked on The Baltimore Sun website, but can't seem to find anything.

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        1. re: meredity

          In late June I heard that they were "about six weeks" from opening. I can't imagine a new restaurant would open in mid-August, so I'm guessing Labor Day. Does anyone have more info? Any signs of activity at the restaurant?

          1. re: panmalv

            early to mid-August. Which is the perfect time to open a restaurant, because it isn't busy and the operation has a chance to work out kinks and get fine tuned a little. Renovations are in progress, kitchen staff is (I think) hired, FOH staff hasn't been decided yet. Opening menu and wine list are just about set, I believe.

            1. re: pleiades

              You don't happen to have a phone number for them, do you? I'm planning a business dinner for early August and I'd love to give them a try if they're open.

          1. re: ronandaim

            "Crush" opened on Wednesday night. I had dinner there -- it was excellent. As promised, prices are lower than those that I remember from Taste. They are still working on signage, a Web site, etc., but the service was very good for an opening night. I look forward to other reports from fellow 'hounds...

              1. re: panmalv


                Here's another positive review I came across. Can't wait to try it.

            1. We went on opening night also. City folk may find the menu a bit pedestrian, but it has all the Towsonites fav. things- ie. bacon wrapped scallops, salmon, creme brulee. I tried a miso marinated halibut. It came out overcooked, but my friend had a very tasty steak. We shared a white chocolate creme brulee. I expected the white chocolate to be blended in, but it was chunks instead. Overall the service was very good, and I believe that with the Christopher Daniel name attached, the community will be pleased with this new place.