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May 21, 2008 03:39 PM

Frozen take out in East Bay?

We have friends who just delivered a baby in Berkeley and want to take them some good frozen, or long-keeping, food so they won't have to cook much the next few days. Any suggestions on where to go, preferably in Berkeley or north Oakland? We've already raided the freezer at Poulet.

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  1. how about a chicken pot pie from Bakesale Betty's? Easy, filling, and can probably feed 2 people for 3 or 4 dinners.

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    1. re: nicedragonboy

      A 2nd on BB's CPP. I finally had one not long ago after sitting in the freezer for a while. Excellent crust, v. good filling. The baking time was off but that could have been many things.

      While you're a BB, walk across the street to Genova and get some frozen ravioli. Very good stuff.

    2. The Pasta Shop (Market Hall and Fourth Street) have frozen lasagnas, enchilada mole, soups and pastas. The chicken/balsamic onion lasagne is a favorite, while DH likes the meat ragu and sis likes the butternut squash lasagne.

      1. Genova across the street from Bakesale B's would have some appropriate stuff I bet.

        1. Lola's has some frozen mains. The mac and cheese is good ... and you could pick them up a nice roast chicken while you are at it ... and some nice dessert ... and a little house-made jam.