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NH chow get together?! join Google group

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I've been reading and contributing to chowhound for several years. I'd love to get together and meet some of the contributors who post regularly.

I've created a Google group:


Hope you will join!

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  1. Not sure how to get involved? This is new to me, google groups. ??? Is that an email address?

    1. I'm interested but I, too, am a newbie at this "Google" kind of thing.
      There was a previous attempt by ? to have a get-together and I asked CH to pin it, but it didn't happen, so I hope this works!

      1. I'm new at the group thing too. Here's the URL:


        1. I'm sorry. I confused NH with New Haven (CT). I am in the New Haven area and one of the local CH'ers wanted a get-together and I thought this was regarding the same area.
          Please excuse me; I am new to New England and I didn't realize that New Hampshire took precidence over New Haven....

          1. I joined.

            1. I want to join the group but I can't access the Google stuff most of the time. Can my email be added to the list anyway? It's whoodle@aol.com.