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May 21, 2008 03:15 PM

Deutschmacher Hot Dogs

I moved from RI to FL three years ago and haven't had a decent hot dog since then. Deutschmachers were the best there ever was. Help! Any idea how I can get some down here??? Desperate in Salt Springs.

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  1. Saw a little article in the Boston Globe today that they were one of a number of companies just sold to Kayem Foods by Tyson. You could try emailing Kayem. There is a grocery chain in FL that is owned by Hannaford's so it gets a lot of NE foods (I was surprised to find Hood dairy iyems in Ft Myers) but I can't remember the name. The logo has fruit on the sign if that helps!

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        That's it! We though we'd check out a "Florida Market" and couldn't figure out why they had so many products from home.

    1. BJ's Wholesale sells Deutschmachers in 3lb and 5lb boxes.

      1. In Connecttuct but I believe Shaw's and Stop & Shop both sell them (it's all I'll buy): Saw's loose in the deli, S & S in the boxes. Also found them in A & P and some IGA's.

        1. If you go to any Publix they can order the Deutschmacher Hot Dog for you. I just did here in Kissimmee, Fl. They sent 2 5lb packs but I only took 1 at $22.00 They said they would store the rest until I needed them. Your store may make you take the entire lot. Depends on the meat manager. Good luck and Happy Eating. -------- eric